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October 25, 2006

Eric Heyl on the Casey/Santorum Race: Appears Over

Another spanking from the city's conservative press. Eric Heyl writes today:
In the Senate campaign, Republican incumbent Rick Santorum appears poised to go from lunching with lobbyists on K Street to searching for work on Dismay Street.
But to truly comprehend how far the senator from Virginia by way of Penn Hills has seen his fortunes plummet, consider that a gorilla will play a part today in trying to take him down. [emphasis added]
See that? Even Eric Heyl calls Lil Ricky "the senator from Virginia." That's gotta sting.

Heyl goes on to write about an event today at Santorum's Pittsburgh office. The gorilla he mentions will be there as part of the protest by "Pennsylvania Action." Seems they don't like Rick's ideas to privatize Social Security.

Poor Rick.

Then Heyl unveils the big one:
As for Casey, now that his debates with Santorum have concluded, he has resumed the tortoise impression that has produced a seemingly insurmountable 14-point lead in today's Trib poll.

There exists no reason for the near-senator-elect to poke his head out of his shell before election night. Short of evidence emerging that Casey bankrolls makeshift abortion clinics in Somerset County farm silos staffed by medically unlicensed Islamic fundamentalists or gun control advocates, this one appears over. [emphasis added]
14 points, huh? From the Tribune-Review? Yet another example of the lib-rul media at work.

/ - Eric Heyls says it's over.

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