What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 30, 2006

Shiny Happy People!

The turnout was great for Saturday's rally

It wasn't just standing room only -- it was standing on chairs room only

Yes, Ed, we got your back -- Four More Years!

I'm not certain, but I think he was talking about Lil Ricky Santorum here

Believe it or not, Bob Casey was engaging and enthusiastic . . .

. . . And the crowd loved it!
(Yeah, I know, most of the pictures are of bad quality -- my apologies.)

A Side Note:

As predicted, the room was full of Democratic pols and candidates -- Mike Doyle, Dan Onorato, Luke Ravenstahl, Valerie McDonald Roberts, Bill Peduto, Tonya Payne, Michael Lamb, Ed Gainey, Jim Burn, Carmella Mullen, numerous ACDC members, and a host of others were present.

Before Gov. Rendell and our next Senator from PA, Bob Casey, arrived, the names of elected officials in attendance were announced from the stage. People were still milling about, eating and talking when The Ghost of Election Future made a surprise appearance.

Up to that point, no one's name was drawing any reaction from those assembled. That changed when they announced Bill Peduto's name. Long, loud, sustained cheers and applause went up from many in the crowd. Valerie McDonald Roberts was announced next to some good applause...and then Mayor Ravenstahl's name was announced. His name was met with applause, but nothing like the reception Peduto received. Looks like people had more than just November 7th's election on their minds . . .


Nobody's Boy said...

The spontaneous love for Peduto isn't that much of a suprise, considering who threw the rally: the leadership of the City Committee, Ernsberger, Gainey and Styche et al, are (for now) rumored to be a bit ticked at Ravenstahl and are actively looking for another mayoral candidate. Ben Woods, ally of the above mentioned City Committee officers, was showing Peduto around his 27th Ward event last weekend like he was his Peduto's campaign manager!

Ravenstahl has been a media darling, but he has yet to capture the imagination of a sizable number of Democratic Party regulars. That said, he has accomplished what no one thought possible: he has united Ben Woods and Pete Wagner - both are (again, for now) opponents of our new mayor.

Could Peduto pull a Murphy, and go from Mr. Outside to Mr. Inside after his 2nd place showing last time?

Maria said...

Let's not forget that O'Connor didn't win his first time out either.

Anonymous said...

Now Maria you know that the "spontaneous" Peduto applause was completely staged by Mark D. and the other supporters. And frankly, the idea the Bill has cut a deal with Woods makes me sick.

Maria said...

Let's see my choices:

1. If it was spontaneous: it can only bode well for Peduto.

2. If it was staged: considering the audience was composed of committee people, party activists and party faithfuls (people who influence other people's votes), it can only bode well for Peduto.

3. A combination of the two: Again...you get the idea...

PtBreeze said...

I knew it. Bill is a "progressive" when it's convenient. He's cutting deals with BEN WOODS! What a sleeze.

Mike said...

If one follows the machinations of City government, there's some indication of why people are upset with Mayor Ravenstahl. A large factor in all of this is the Isle of Capri plan (let's give slots revenue to sports teams...I mean, come on, who sounds like Murphy?) There's a lot there.

The budget also didn't make friends with the state. Jack Wagner's name is being spread around because of problems with the budget.

There's more to the story than Denny Regan--who is a minor factor in the entire thing. But that situation doesn't help the Mayor either.

He may be an able spokesman, but he's made some serious mistakes in guiding the city. That, and not political patronage, are the reason why Pete Wagner and Ben Woods are opponents of the administration.

Every Pittsburgh politician's greatest fear is bankruptcy and merger with the county. At this point they're looking for someone--anyone--who will bring fiscal discipline to city government. They had that with Mayor O'Connor. They think they don't with Mayor Ravenstahl.

Nikki Oldaker said...

Wish I was at this event... Nikki Oldaker, Author "Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President"

Anonymous said...

I was and you didn't miss much. I don't even remember Peduto being announced. I remember Val because they brought her up on stage.

Anonymous said...

Let's beat these bad boys. Found this link at Kos: Do More Than Vote.

Patrick said...

I'm not sure the motives of Ravenstahl's opponents are all that noble...or corrupt either - it's more about perceived alliances and personality conflicts.

Ben Woods and the Ravenstahl clan have been beefin' for generations now, so this is nothing new (and not about the budget).

Likewise, the Wagners' current opposition probably has more to do with the potential Onorato-Wagner primary fight for governor in 2010; true or not, Ravenstahl is viewed as being too close to Onorato, unlike O'Connor. Those that are not "in" with Onorato, and feel that he has been less than generous with the favors of county government, are suspicious of anyone they feel resides in the Onorato camp.

Same goes for those who never got along with O'Connor's people or Ferlo. If they feel any past beef with those guys will keep them on the outside of this administration, they'll look for someone different - like Peduto.

Not that the City or County have anything left in the cupboards to dole out - it's all about whether or not you "feel" you're on the inside, and Ravenstahl has very few of his own insiders - he's mainly operating with Onorato, O'Connor and Ferlo insiders, not his own.

Ravenstahl has about 3 or 4 months to develop his own identity, and his own alliances - free of any residual O'Connor/Ferlo/Onorato baggage. If he can pull that off, he may be mayor for a while...

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty good analysis Patrick. The problem Woods and the Wagners have is that they can't sell Peduto in their areas which is why they are trying to convince Lamb to run.