What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 27, 2006

What Bullshit

PCNC is broadcasting two half hour shows. One with Jason Altmire and one with Melissa Hart (Hart won't debate Altmire). I caught the 10 PM to 11 PM repeat, but it will be shown again (repeatedly -- this is PCNC after all).

The idea is that they are both debating the host, Bob Bruce (they're calling it an interview).

One big problem: Bob Bruce is a huge conservative. I'm not saying that he never got tough with Hart (he did on Iraq), but on questions about the economy, social security and health care, Bruce's bias shows.

The questions were biased -- the economy is great! tax cutz is kool! -- and this completely favored Hart.

Why could PCNC not have a liberal debate interview Hart since they had a conservative debate interview Altmire?

Don't present it as fair because you're asking both candidates the same questions when the questions themselves favor a conservative point of view.

Of course, Hart could just debate Altmire... Oh, sorry! According to Hart she's just been super, super busy! (Listen, Missy, the president of the freaking country finds time to participate in multiple debates during an election, you can too! )

I will say one thing, despite the deck being stacked against Altmire, he was excellent going head to head with Bruce -- he never gave an inch and had a real command of the facts. I can see why Missy has refused every opportunity to debate him.