What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 18, 2006

Why Are These Men Smiling?

They're smiling because Bush is signing a bill that shreds the Geneva Conventions, pisses on the Bill of Rights, and terminates the 800 year-old right of habeas corpus.

You're looking at the happy face of authoritarianism -- a smiley face sticker on the toe of the boot on your neck.

Have a nice day! :-)

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How much does a pitchfork cost these days anyway?


Sherry P said...

i really do believe that rove is and has been basing his political manuvers on the german people and the nazi rise to power. using thier "playbook"

at first i thought the comparisons were just over the top but then more i read the more it just hits me in the gut like a punch.

PA progressive said...

In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Natalie Portman's Senator bemoans the transfer of all power tothe Emperor saying: "and democracy died to a round of thundering applause."
That picture brought the line to mind.

Sherry P said...

that about sums it all up.

The Burgher said...

Notice there are zero GOP candidates around the Prez when he is signing this Bill? I think that speaks volumes abouth this election, this bill or both.

John Schutrick said...

Has anyone asked Bob Casey how he feels about this abominable new law? I know he supports both the USAPATRIOT Act and warrantless wiretapping. I'm guessing he would have voted "yea" on this law -- approving both suspension of habeas corpus and military tribunals. So...has anybody heard whether he would have agreed with Tricky Rick on this one?

John Schutrick said...

Ignore my last question. Of course he supports it. He said he would have voted for it. S00-prize.

Democrats-Lie said...

Oh, nice to know that you people are on the side of the terrorists, something that I've long suspected for quite a while now.

And people like you who back up Nancy Pelosi who says she'll win the war on terror...uh huh, right. How is this going to be possible? If she knows how to do it, then why hasn't she advised the government on how to do it? Why wait, instead of wait? Unless of course, this is nothing more than a political stunt in order to win votes.

Again, when you're a Democrat, it's just different.

Anonymous said...


None of us are on the side of the terrorists. Maybe you should give up your ranting and get some sleep. I meant what I said before - I am praying for you.
Western Psych has a very good inpatient program for your current problem. You can get well, but the first step is one you have to take on your own.

Anon #2

Democrats-Lie said...

Anonymous, I'll gladly take you up on your offer if you personally accompany me and check yourself in as well.

Deal? Or No Deal?

Democrats-Lie said...

By the way, you say: "none of us are on the side of the terrorists."

You sure have a funny way of showing it. If anything, your actions along with the rest of the liberal left bloggers out there are showing quite the opposite. If anything, your actions clearly show that you'd gladly give the terrorists aid and comfort if it would make Bush look bad. That's how pathetic the liberal left has become. And you say *I* am the one who needs help. Please, save that statement for yourself.

I mean for someone like "Pa Progressive" to make a comparison of the above photo to "Revenge Of The Sith" only indicates that sheer madness populating your political party.

You guys have done nothing but undermine this presidential administration from the start in regards to the war on terror. You've done nothing while members of your political party undermine our troops calling them killers and accusing them of terrorizing women and children during the dark of night. How is this an example that you are against the terrorists when members of your political party continuously undermine our efforts to fight it, every single step of the way? You and those members of your political party are so desperate to win in November, you'll say and do anything. This blog is a prime example of it.

I almost hope that the Democrats win in 20 days, because if they do, and if a Democrat is then elected President in 2008, what will the 2 Political Junkies have left to talk about on here? I wonder what their views would be? What will they talk about? I wonder if they would be as critical as they have been with the current administration. I think you and everyone else reading this already knows the answer.

You all are still living in a September 10, 2001 world.

Maria said...

On September 10, 2001, we still believed in our Constitution. On September 10th 2001, we still believed that the President was sworn to uphold and protect that Constitution.

The terrorist have won. They have made us go against both the law and the ideals that our country is built upon.

The people who betray our Constitution are not patriots, they are traitors to our country.

You and Bush are traitors to our Constitution.

You and Bush and all your little Rethuglican buddies have no faith in our country or our Constitution.

You and Bush and everyone who voted in favor of that bill, be they Republican or Democrat, are traitors.

Democrats-Lie said...

Maria, only a liberal would say the terrorists won. Well, why don't you consult with Nancy Pelosi and ask her as to how she'll win the war on terror, which she so proudly boasts. You can also ask her as to why she hasn't shared her knowledge with the government yet as to how she'll do it.

You know Maria, what you said offers nothing to counter my last response. All you offered was a whining, sniveling response. You cannot admit it that members of your own political party have underminded our troops. You cannot admit it, so you snivel and whine and attempt to fight back by blaming Bush again, whish was exactly my point in my previous response, which was undermining this administration's war on terror, every single step of the way. You just cannot admit to it.

You also cannot admit as to what will you ever talk about if the Democrats run the show starting in 19 days and in 2008. Gee, what will you have to complain about? Will you be as "constructive" in your criticisms? No answer from you, which was expected, only a "let's blame Bush" response. Well, again, I think you and I know the answer already, huh?

You even demonstrate it further by saying the "terrorists have won." Nice, Maria.

John Schutrick said...

Gee, everybody was doing such a good job of ignoring him. It was very satisfying to see him doing his rant and being ignored. Now we're giving him an excuse to rant and waste electrons on your blog. Pay no attention to that funny little man behind the curtain and he'll get tired of pulling his neocon levers and will go away. Please.