What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 19, 2006

Get Well, Maria

I just got off the phone with Maria.

She'll won't be blogging for a few days as she is under the weather big time.

Get well, Maria.



spork_incident said...

Hey! Maria! Get well *now*!

(No, I've never been accused of having a good bed-side manner. Why do you ask?)



John Schutrick said...

Up and at 'em, Maria. Dayvoe and I can't hold off the ignorant hordes by ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...we ignorant hordes....those people that challenge your thoughts...we're too much for John to handle. Ha ha ha!

corporatemedia said...

Oh well, isn't one politcal junkie as good as another?

Besides, isn't it dayvoe who posts all those great pics and graphics we've come to love?

Uh, I guess I confused my PJs again.

WE WILL MISS YOU MARIA (even for a few days) - get well soon.

Dayvoe's writing is great but his pics sure leave a lot to be desired.

Sherry P said...

get better soon.

Shawn said...

Chicken Soup, rest, and endless replays of movies like "Slapshot" and "Animal House."

That's my advice, at least.

Hope yer feelin' better, Maria!