What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 12, 2006

PodCamp Continues Today

"PodCamp is a FREE UN-CONFERENCE for people who create, enjoy or are interested in learning more about the following: blogs, vlogs, audio podcasts, web video, content networks and new media monetization. Show up, meet people, make connections!"

It started on Friday but there are plenty of events today including a 10:00AM bloggers panel*** in which yours truly will be one of the panelists. (Pittsburgh Filmakers, 477 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, Room 304).

Full schedule of today's events here.
***Blogging, Buzz, and Broadcasting: A panel of popular Pittsburgh bloggers gather together to discuss blogging, how they use it convey their message, their thoughts on not getting lost in the noise of the blogosphere, and using new(er) media vehicles like podcasting with their blogs. Moderated by Mike Woycheck.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Hope you are recording the session.

dayvoe said...

How did it go?

Maria said...

Nope, sorry. I didn't record this.

I'll try to post on it tonight.