What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 31, 2006

ACTION ALERT: GOP Trying to Seize Back PA House!

On November 7th the people of Pennsylvania voted to give control of the PA House back to the Democrats.

Now, Pay-raise Perzel and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania are poised to subvert the will of the people.

Much like the infamous 2 AM pay grab, Republican John Perzel waited until the Saturday of a holiday weekend to orchestrate the announcement that after leaving no stone unturned, he has found a turncoat Democrat to vote to keep him in as Speaker of the House. (From the P-G: 'Mr. Perzel, a Republican from Philadelphia, has refused to vacate his suite of offices on the first floor of the Capitol, fueling speculation that he was working on a Democrat to "flip."')

Paul McKrell Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats points out:
With the vote for Speaker scheduled on January 2nd, this doesn't give the citizens of this commonwealth adequate time to register our disgust at the despicable tactics of a Republican party that no longer enjoys the confidence of Pennsylvania voters.
The "Democrat" who will assist Perzel in overturning the voters' will is State Representative Thomas Caltagirone of Berks County (some details of the deal he made can be found here).

State Rep Mark Cohen wrote a diary about this at Daily Kos which was front-paged by the editors there. You can find it here. In that diary, Cohen makes the following excellent point:
An elected official who cannot support one's party to take the majority is not really representing his party and the people who voted for it. Had Caltagirone told his constituents in 2006 when he was threatened with Democratic primary opposition that he would support the Republican nominee for Speaker if the Democrats won the majority, he would not have won the nomination. Freedom of conscience should not be the same as freedom to misrepresent one's beliefs.
Now, here's what you need to do:
1. Call Caltagirone at 610-371-9940 (Reading) or 717-787-3525 (Harrisburg) and ask him to reverse his decision. (Fax #'s: 610-378-4406 or 717-772-5401)

2. E-mail Caltagirone at tcaltagi@pahouse.net and ask him to stand for the progressive Democratic principles on which he was elected and supported for decades. Vote NO on Perzel as Speaker!

3. If you have a Republican State Rep, contact them. Tell them you are tired of the inept, regressive leadership of John Perzel. Tell them that you voted for a Democratic Majority, and that their job is to ensure that the people's voice is heard. You can find your state representatives telephone number by typing in your zip code in the upper right hand box of http://www.legis.state.pa.us This is important as there are rumored to already be some Republican's who may not vote for Perzel.

4. Attend the New Year's Day rally on Monday at 3:00 PM outside of Caltagirone's District Office, 645 Penn St. in Reading, PA.
Call now and leave a message -- there is no time to waste!


Matt H said...

Thomas Caltagirone is a bum. A total bum. I wonder what Perzel had on him.

I'm not surprised that Perzel found one bum to turn on his own party though.

I have sent my E-mail's to the bum and will call the office tomorrow quite a dew times.

Mike said...

Denny O'Brien wins

Sounds like DeWeese pulled a Willie Brown out of his hat (Democrats hang on to the California State Assembly in 1994 when Brown nominated a first-term Republican to be Speaker...Brown was technically just a member, but he was the power behind the throne).

That said, nobody should be surprised at this. DeWeese was dead wrong to strip members who voted against the pay raise of their committee assignments. It was a missed opportunity, and it contributed to the one-seat majority the Democrats have in Pennsylvania.

If Democrats had opposed the pay raise, there would be a 20 to 30 seat majority.

Anonymous said...


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