What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 14, 2006

I never was too good at math

I failed to put two and two together yesterday.

I was walking home last night when I realised I missed something in the P-G's reporting. Take a look.

Yesterday, they published this article. It was a report of a meeting that took place on Tuesday between the Mayor and the P-G editorial board. As part of the reporting there's a number mp3 files from the meeting. On one of them, the mayor answers a question about Catherine McNeilly. He says, in short, that she was disciplined for releasing private information.

This was on Tuesday.

Remember it was on Wednesday that the P-G published this editorial. It ended with this:
Even by the lame ethics of Grant Street, the punishment of Catherine McNeilly is a disgraceful capitulation to political expediency. It's a bad smell that the mayor will have to answer for as he campaigns for election next year.
So I'm guessing that Mayor Ravenstahl, uh, failed to convince the P-G editorial board.

Let's hope this means that the honeymoon is over.


Anonymous said...

You people are obsessed with bringing down our Mayor Luke.

Anonymous said...

He's not our mayor. Pgh. city council elected him, not us.

I think people are obsessed w/the idea of having a real leader, not "everybody's boy" at the helm. In all seriousness, this isn't a child's game. Luke has shown us he's good at chasing down celebrities and posing for photo-ops - if all he wants is to be famous, he should've attended American Idol tryouts. (Got that line from a brilliant senior citizen who is less than impressed with the adventures of Dick and Luke) He's also very good at catering to the whims of those who seek to use him for their personal gain. No one is following him because they believe in his vision (which is, what?!?!?!?!?!), they're lining up to get what they can from him. The fact that the people of Pittsburgh are so indifferent and/or gullible to swallow the "youth" bullshit (a pitch you make when you have absolutely nothing else to offer) is enough to make any Pittsburgher with half a brain stake a for-sale sign in their front lawn.

Justin said...

I'd swallow what you're saying readily if people didn't immediately jump down his throat upon taking office simply for the mortal sin of being 26 years old, before he even had a chance to blink much less do anything. (My PA congressional district elected Jaret Gibbons to state office, and he's not even Luke's age yet.)

If you want to criticize him for what he's done or what he hasn't done since, great. I'd even agree. But don't think people weren't paying attention to the other side of the coin. He was "Mayor Opie" from day one before anyone even had an excuse to criticize.