What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 21, 2006

McIntire Leaving KDKA

Yea - I'm not kidding. This morning he posted this on his blog:
Those of you who enjoy my FLIP SIDE nighttime radio program have one more week to enjoy it. I will stop doing the FLIP SIDE as of December 29th. A syndicated host, Neil Boortz will replace me.

KDKA has been an absolutely outstanding place to work. The best thing that General Manager Mike Young, Vice President of Programming Keith Clark, and the recently department P.D. Steve Hansen did was let me do my thing. They left me alone. God bless broadcasters who let you do what you do.
Looks like things aren't as bad as they might seem. A paragraph later, he writes:
I will continue to blog so stay tuned. And as the news release reveals, the fine folks at CBS may have another opportunity for me in Pittsburgh. We're talking about it. It is a potential opportunity that excites me a great deal, and could be one whole helluva lot of fun.

But even if it occurs, I'll be off the air for a time. You may see me at several of the local Starbucks where I tend to live during these periods.
Let's all hope.


Matt H said...

Good riddance. I responded to a blog post of his via E-mail presenting him facts and refuting what he had to say and all he had to say was fuc* you.

This guy can't seem to hold a job. Gee, I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully his new gig will afford him an even bigger microphone!

janice said...

john,you have courage to speak the truth and i am looking forward to hearing more of it from you. enjoy the holidays- you are very much appreciated.

Democrats-Lie said...

Once again, you have proof that no one wants to listen to liberal b.s. on the radio. Air America Radio is another example.

And as for Matt H's comment, I wouldn't expect anything less from McIntire. He's a liberal. Liberals take joy into using profanity when they know they've been proven wrong, so all they can do is say "F-you" in response.

Good riddance, indeed.

Neil Boortz is the way to go. I *will* be tuning in for that.

Disgruntled Clerk said...

Democrats-Lie is so right! Liberals have filthy mouths. Like Jimmy Carter --- swears like a sailor, he does. And that darned filthy-mouthed Fred Rogers.

They need to learn better manners, like President "Major League A-hole" Bush and Vice President "Go F Yourself" Cheney.

Thanks for the truthiness, Lieman!

Anonymous said...

Another lib bites the dust.

Buh Bye.

Sherry P said...

i can't wait til johnny mac's back!

Sherry P said...

tell john to have a latte for me while he's at starbucks. if i run into him, i'll pay gladly!!!

geeezzz i hope he's back soon.

maybe t.v??

p.s. i really dislike boortz

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

A genuine loss, but presumably only a temporary one.

Shawn said...


Johnyy Mac goes down. How horrible. I guess we'll jsut have to content ourselves with the likes of Rick Santorum, George Allen, and Missy Hart bitin' the dust.

I'd say that's a fair trade.

Happy Festivus and Saturnalia all!

Sherry P said...

yes, a happy happy to all! ; )

Piltdown Man said...

Johnny Mac is the best talk show host in Pittsburgh, period. No wonder he was given that award by his peers a couple of months ago.

He'll be back. Don't y'all worry. My guess is that KD simply didn't think that McIntire was a good fit with all their reactionary talkers.

One of things that makes McIntire good is that he isn't a knee-jerk liberal. He is liberal, but is always willing to listen to other opinions and will admit a point contrary to his own if someone makes a good enough argument. That's something you NEVER, EVER hear on right-wing radio..


Synergy-synthesis said...

Chris Moore is my pièce de résistance as far as radio talk show hosts go. He is the best radio talk show host I have ever listened to, and I miss hearing him way down here in the red state bastion of Georgia. KDKA messed up when they replaced him. Chris Moore should be syndicated nationally.

Sherry P said...

i see chris moore on tv. i've always thought he was a wonderful host. bright and fair and polite, but johnny mac is much different than that and so, it's like apples and oranges in a way, macintire is bright but fair and polite? he can be, but he's much more fun when he's got his snark on and bursts some people's balloons. ; )

Anonymous said...

Sherry P dislikes Boortz? God, I am so shocked.....not!

Sherry P dislikes anyone who speaks the truth.

Speaking of, I am sure I have Sherry P read like the open book she is (like all liberals): I can lay odds that Sherry P likes Rosie O'Donnel. How much ya'll wanna bet?

Sherry P said...

don't bet heavy money kiddo because i don't like her.

Sherry P said...

p.s. merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

i liked you a lot you seemed very fair
things change sometime you got to go and this is now happy new year to you.

Anonymous said...

Chris Moore may be a "nice" guy.
But, I got sick of his Black, Black, Black, Black!
Not a racist here by ANY means but he just goes overboard with BLACK.
He got old with BLACK, doesn't speak well and tends to change his vocabulary with that of a caller so he "fits in" to speak. A bad sign.
He's also a sad example of a appreciative VET. Who cares if he was a Vietnam Vet. He got paid to do a job. That was his job. No hero. Just another guy who got paid to do a temporary job. He deserves nothing better than any BLACK or WHITE for the matter, and I'm NOT White.