What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 31, 2007

2PJ in the News

Notice something INTERESTING when you load this page? In the upper right hand side, in the "video" box, the clip STARTS with a screen capture of this blog.

Oh, yea. then there's this at The Trib.


Anonymous said...

Exaggerating your self-importance again, I see.

A Big Fat Slob said...

I think you mean "exaggerating your importance" -- "your self-importance" is, biologically and evolutionarily speaking, primary and not really capable of exaggeration.

Also, from a grammatical standpoint, if it is 'their' self-importance, then is is merely 'descriptive' of their importance to themselves. Since one cannot exaggerate one's own importance to one's self -- one is as important to one's self as one says.

One can exaggerate one's importance to others, but one's importance to one's self is what it is.

Now, YOU might have the view, as "the other", that the importance which they have to themselves is exaggerated in the context of the relative importance which, in your opinion, individuals should ascribe to them selves, but . . . .

Well, perhaps I go on too much trying to reason out what you meant. Maybe you were just trying to be insulting and didn't care if how you expressed the insult made no sense?

In that case, I guess you are just jealous. And your anonymity is then understood.

Congrats 2PJs.

Anonymous said...

How about "tooting your own horn again,I see"

Schmuck Shitrock said...

And what would you have Davoe toot if not his horn?