What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 19, 2007

An Interesting Detail

There's an interesting detail over at The People's Republic. I'll quote the Admiral in full:

If you read the last line of the Tribune-Review article concerning Interim Mayor Luke "Handcuffs" Ravenstahl's admissions concerning his 2005 arrest by city police, you will see that he is also admitting to something else. As the article, written by the Trib's Jeremy Boren, states:

The mayor said he was asked months ago about the incident and Regan’s alleged involvement. He said he denied the accusations then because he didn’t want to “lend credence to them.”

So in other words, he was asked about the incident, and his response was to lie about the whole thing and claim that it never even happened. [emphasis in original]

Here's Boren's article.

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