What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 26, 2007

McIntire's gonna be on OffQ

I don't think this has been announced yet, but I've been told by a pretty good source that John McIntire will actually be (now hold onto your hats, gang) sitting next to Fred Honsberger on the February 2nd edition of OffQ.

They'll be within 4 feet of each other. I expect to see the whole space-time continuum bend, creak and then shred along partisan lines.

Should be fun to watch.

This week freelance writer Ellen James will be on.


Anonymous said...

Two jagoffs.

Richmond K. Turner said...

Isn't this how the parallel universe thing, with the evil, goatee-wearking Spock, happened on Star Trek?

Anonymous said...

David, is this an example of how boring your life must be? No wife. No kids.

Sad, pal. Real sad. But then again, given your self-important, smug attitude, who would want you?

No wonder you are such mean-spirited, hate-mongering liberal.

Anonymous said...


Interesting how you immediately go into attack mode. I guess you have nothing intelligent to say so all that's left are personal attacks. Real smart. Classy too!

And by the way, it's also interestng how you accuse others of being "mean-spirited" and "hate-mongering" by using the words "mean-spirited" and "hate-mongering."

Projecting much?

Shawn said...


David was only making a wry, snarky even, observation. A small chuckle or groan would have sufficed.

Guess someone got up on the wrong side of bed today, huh? Geez.

I suggest you ditch work early and go drink this afternoon. Nothing like a little hooky to lift the ol' spirits!

J said...

Hi, Anon.
I'll take the "self-important, smug" David.

Democrats-Lie said...

Now that I have converted, I really, really like David.

r said...

Now that you've converted shouldn't you also change you screen name to something truthier.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch that onQ canned Ruth Ann (Hot Pants) Dailey? She's being replaced by Republican operative Heather Heidelbaugh.

Democrats-Lie said...

You're right, r, I should, but I'm afraid that if I do that imposter who is pretending to be my old, evil self will say that it proves I'm not me.

I know that doesn't make any sense, but then...

r said...

Oh Well D-L You never did make much sense. I don't think conversion can help that.

Jesus is a liberal said...

Kudos to QED for booking McIntire as a guest on next week's show.
Also, did you see this in Tuesday's Tuned In section of the Post Gazette:
Channel surfing

In a bit of a shake-up at WQED-TV, "Off Q" panelist (and Post-Gazette columnist) Ruth Ann Dailey is being replaced by GOP attorney Heather Heidelbaugh. Dailey was asked to "be on call."

Nice to see Ruth Ann get the boot, but was it a hooker boot or a combat boot?

Maria said...

It was these boots!