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January 18, 2007

McIntire's Got Him Some Balls

Check out what Johnny Mac posted yesterday. For those who don't yet know, to John McIntire calls Mayor Luke Ravenstahl "Mayor Opie."
Here it is folks, the unofficial speculative version of what REALLY went down with Mayor Opie and a police officer. It wasn't, as has been rumored, the All Star Game at which the now legendary incident of Opie pushing a cop occurred. It was the 2005 Halloween Monday Night Steelers Game at Heinz Field.

Word on the street: Opie was rowdy. Somebody called security. A cop tried to reign Opie in. Opie got belligerent and pushed the cop. Opie allegedly begged for forgiveness once they slapped the cuffs on him.


Then what happened? Even though Bobby O wasn't yet Mayor, he was virtually the Mayor because he'd already won the Democratic primary. Somebody, either Opie or someone on Opie's behalf, called either O'Connor or Regan and told them of Opie's impending dilemma. Cause dude, you can't push a cop and not get charged for it. Unless you're the a City Councilman with connections.

So according to this version, which some news outlet, broadcast or print (they're all dying to break it first)will break soon, Dennie Regan put the fix in to make Opie shoving the cop thing go away.

And then there's this:
It's MacYapper's understanding that at least one of the four officers involved at Heinz Field has talked to at least one mainstream news outlet reporter.
I'm waiting to see how this plays out in the local media. If McIntire's heard the word on the street right, this is gonna be HUGE.

Waiting, waiting...


Anonymous said...

McIntire should call himself "Major Flop." KDKA didn't even want him.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I blogged about the question he raised within his posting.

His need for MSM, (main stream media) and perhaps yours, is not something one should hold one's breath about.

The MSM is what it is.

Watch dogs don't sell much soap.

Anonymous said...

McIntire is still a jagoff.

Anonymous said...

He's simply stating what has been a topic of discussion for many months. Nothing wrong with that.

The Burgher said...

not going to get reported by MSM. no way.

Anonymous said...

It's in the P-G:


Anonymous said...

Perfect timing....for Ravenstahl. Get it out in the open now, do a contrite mea culpa, it's a dead issue by the time the primary comes around.

Anonymous said...

"Contrite mea culpa" - Nope, Pinnochio just poked poor Officer Hoehn right in the eye - love the line where Pinnochio says that he welcomes the officer to give his side of the story, and then reminds the officer of a supposed rule that cops can't talk to the media (bulls*t - especially now that Luke made it a matter of public interest).

Anonymous said...

Take off the Peduto glasses and look at this objectively. It will be nothing. This is something you need two weeks before the primary, not in the dead of January when there's really no campaign. Drunk and rowdy at a Steelers game? That ain't gonna shock Pittsburgh, no matter who it is. It happens all the time, and Pittsburgh cops have a solid reputation for overreacting to everything. Trust me, this won't matter a bit.

Anonymous said...

here's something to think about.

If someone OTHER THAN A CITY COUNCIL MEMBER was rowdy enough to be handcuffed and removed from the crowd for 10-15 minutes, do you really think that that person would be able to walk away from the incident?

See? The issue is NOT who gets drunk at a Steeler game, but who's getting preferential treatment AFTER being rowdy enough to get handcuffed.

Anonymous said...

Luke says he "took one for the team" in his leaving himself open for eventual reprimand, in reference to what he still deems his "justified" raising his voice (i.e., shouting obscenities) at a poor fumbling guard on game day.

Especially as an one of the elected team captains/guardians of our team city's image, he just had to shoulder fully the reponsibility and remedy its sullying.

And, surely, his collegiate, pre-game and post-game bonding activities with the team peers has given him much experience and instruction in these matters.

For one, a good freshman hazing helps to ensure the utmost fairness, boldness and honor in eventual junior and senior captain.

Unfortunately, reality has not yet struck back enough at the Captain's attempt to remain footballing even after all his school years are now gone.
Especially with a few beers downed, Ope, you have no right--not even as our elected city rep/cap---to yell most spiritedly at the guard and further aggravate the situation, whenever he is the police officer and this is now real life.

Anonymous said...

Being detained and released at Steelers games happens more than you think. My cousin got to visit the inside of Heinz field last year courtesy of the Pittsburgh Police. He was not drunk but emboldened by a few shots of Mr. Daniels to mouth off at an officer.

My cousin was there for about forty minutes and released no questions asked.

Anonymous said...

It happens at all Steelers home games.

Anonymous said...

But how many are City-Council members?

Anonymous said...

John McIntire is a loser. You and your fag friend Peduto should take your lover affair somewhere else and not on the campaign trail.