What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Outside of Pittsburgh

The AP is reporting that:

At least 20 American service personnel were killed in military operations Saturday in one of the deadliest days for U.S. forces since the Iraq war began, and authorities also announced two U.S. combat deaths from the previous day.

The day's worst loss came from the crash of a U.S. Army helicopter northeast of Baghdad that killed 13 service members. An attack Saturday night blamed on militiamen in the city of Karbala killed five soldiers. Roadside bombs killed another soldier in the capital and one in Nineveh province north of Baghdad.

According to the website Iraq Coalition Casualties, as of today (1/21/2007) 3047 American Servicement and women have been killed in dubya's war. 146 (again, as of 1/21/07) from Pennsylvania alone.


Anonymous said...

David sounds like he is almost delighted to talk about this.

Funny how the man continually forgets to mention that we're a country at war and causalities are a very sorry reality when it comes to being at war.

I wonder what David would say if we all exist as we are now and it wasn't the War In Iraq we are involved in, but World War II.

Why do I have to question David as to what side of the war he would be on? How many thousands of casualties would David be taking delight in talking about?

Just a thought.

Oh, wait! I cannot think about this because I have not enlisted. I forgot. How dare I support our efforts in Iraq when I haven't enlisted. Bad me!

Anonymous said...

That was fast.

"Anonymous" (Braden, is that you?) is at it again. First there's the charge that dayvoe "sounds" delighted at the news of the deaths of American troops.

What a disgusting insult. If "anonymous" wants to think that, no one can stop him. The fact that there's no evidence to support it only points to the level of self-delusion he finds acceptable.

Then there's the complete nonsense about WWII. I can't actually understand what "anonymous" is saying. Is he saying that dayvoe wouldn't have supported the troops then? Proof? Some evidence?

Another disgusting insult.

However for the analogy to work, "anonymous" has to show the similarities between WWII and the current war in iraq. What were Roosevelt's lies to get us into WWII?

Then there's the point about "anonymous" not enlisting. That's actually a good point. The Army and Marines are being stretched thin by this war. Imagine how much easier it would be to win it (if it could be won) if all the people who DO agree with Bush were to actually enlist?

The fact that they're not is only making things harder for Bush.

Just a thought, "anonymous." By you (and your fellow-travellers on the right) staying nice and safe at home, you're only making things more difficult for the troops in Iraq by not being there too.

I want to bring them home. You want to keep them the in a deadly place but you won't join in their defense.

Which one of us the troops?

Democrats-Lie said...

No, that was not I. I have changed my mind. I have decided to become a liberal, because I can't stand the abuse I take on this blog, and I just don't have the will-power to stop posting here.

I hope you will accept me as one of your own.

Jesus is a liberal said...

No Democrat or Republican delights in the death of American soldiers. Who the hell do you think you are to level that kind of accusation at David?
And as to you admission about not enlisting to support your lying president in this evil war...you right on the money-there is a special part of hell that awaits every single young republican who will not enlist to fight in this war.

Sherry P said...

no one want's any of out troops dead. it's time for right wing republicans(because they are the only ones that can do this) to call people like limbaugh and coulter and savage, hannity and o'rielly to account for their deliberate smearing of americans as traitors and troop haters if they dared to oppose anything and i mean ANYTHING including the attempted gutting of our constitution by some in this administration.
they have brought the level of political debate down to the farcical pro-wrestling simplistic good/evil cartoon that it has become.

it's up to you republicans to bring some measure of solemnity to us all. if we democats try we just make it easier for those paid yakkers to villify us.

Democrats-Lie said...

The what is David's intent on his post?

Don't act like you're all concerned with the troops and such when you belong to a political affiliation who wants to defund them in the first place, and let's not forget you belong to a political party who said that our troops are "terrorizing women and children in the night.."

That's right, members of YOUR OWN political party said that. How can you sit there and defend our troops when you let members of your political party compare them to terrorists?

You hypocrite.

Matt H said...

We need to get out of IRAQ!

Sherry P said...

there have been women and children and moms and dads and grandparents killed in iraq. yes, this is a war, so please do not be surprised that our troops have inflicted some of those deaths. that would terrorize me if i lived there.

this was not a NATION of terrorists, they were a nation under a dictatorship.

the dictator is gone, there were no WMDs. they held an election.

now there are 2 religious factions at each other's throats and 1 more religious group, the kurds, watching, for the most part, to see the outcome. it is a civil war which we helped bring about.

we need to bring our forces home.
we are NOT defunding anything at the moment. i doubt if we will since the president already has the extra forces there ALREADY!

and i am sick and tired of this crap about how i don't care about the troops. i had a young man and his wife at our christmas eve celebration. they are my granddaughters godparents and he served 2 tours in iraq and will probably go back again. he is only 1 of a handfull that i know personally and i and they resend name callers and dividers such as yourself. he is wise enough to understand the differing opinions and that they do NOT translate into a hatred or a villification of him or anyone else over there!

Anonymous said...

Okay okay. I've heard this crap about Kerry and Democrats calling the troops "terrorists" for years.

Here's the facts. It began with and appearance on CBS by John Kerry:


There he said:And there
is no reason...that young American soldiers need to be going into the homs of Iraqis in the dead of night,terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs,
religious customs.

Turns out that ALL of that is supported by a report released by the International Rec Cross:


From the AP:“Arresting authorities entered houses usually after dark, breaking down doors, waking up residents roughly, yelling orders, forcing family members into one room under military guard while searching the rest of the house and further breaking doors, cabinets and other property,” the report said.

“Sometimes they arrested all adult males present in a house, including elderly, handicapped or sick people,” it said.

And then there's this from the United States Institute for Peace (a nonpartisan group ESTABLISHED AND FUNDED BY CONGRESS):More significantly, as U.S. combat troops were used to search homes, operate traffic checkpoints, and control public demonstrations, tensions increased, further reducing popular support for the CPA. Iraqis specifically complained that soldiers searched private areas without permission, entered homes without men present, and addressed wives and daughters directly, offensive acts in a conservative Muslim society.

So he was QUOTING the ICRC and the USIP. So if you have a problem with the characterization, take it up with them. Better yet, if you have a problem with what the Army/Marines were doing (and I do) take it up with Bush.

Democrats-Lie said...

Pay no attention to that impostor claiming to be I! I am smart, informed, and liberal now!

I now know that Iraq is an enormous mistake and that Bush is a villain.

That person calling himself Democrats-Lie is just trying to make me look like a fool.

Democrats-Lie said...


Nothing like justifying John Kerry's backstabbing behavior when it comes to how he spoke of our troops, aye?

To the liberal kook claiming to be myself:

You sir/madam are a clear indication as to why I think of the liberals the way I do.

You're so desperate, not to mention pathetic, that you have to be an impostor.

One word: pa-the-tic.

Of course, I know it's really Schmuck Shitrock.

Anonymous said...


Of course you missed the point. The point is that what Kerry said WAS TRUE.

The Red Cross said so, the USIP said so.

Sherry P said...

war is war. people will react differently when in the middle of one. some will act better than others. to think otherwise is to deny that extreme stress over long periods of time can make people act in ways that they wouldn't in everyday life.
to not admit that, to pretend that only "the other guys" might react badly under the awfulness of war is just dumb.
that doesn't mean that kerry or anyone else here hates the troops .
there are bad things done to innicent people in wars. right now, i think a lot of our troops are to the point where their 1st loyalty is to each other, their 1st priority is to keep the members of their group alive so they can get back home.
i don't blame them at all. seeing as they can not tell friend from foe much of the time it is understandable that we get reports of things that we wish to heaven didn't happen, but we still are support our troop.

so does david, so do we all.

Sherry P said...

forgive the typos, been another long day

Jesus is a liberal said...

The war in Iraq is not the war on terror-that war is in Afghanistan. We need to take our brave young fighting troops out of Iraq - send them to the Afghan-Pakistan border to find Bin Laden-END OF STORY!
D-L you need to go back to your useless blog and converse with the people who comment on your posts. Oh, never mind- no one comments on your waste of space blog. You should read 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' before it's too late for you.

Sherry P said...

yes, we should be in afganistan. we had every right and reason to go there.

Democrats-Lie said...

The person claiming to be I is lying. I am the real Democrats-Lie, and I have converted to truth.

I know who he is. He is a former collegue of mine who is upset that I have seen the light. You can't possibly believe he is I. Look at all the silly, non-sensical spew he spews!