What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 26, 2007

One Mo' Time

The Pennsylvania Progressive has repeatedly requested that we add them to our blogroll and they are worth a look.

They are located in SE PA rather than SW, so I'm adding them to the main Links list. They do, however cover the state, as well as national politics.

One day, I will create that non-Pittsburgh PA list like I keep meaning to...


Justin said...

He used to be on my (short) blogroll, for what it's worth, back when he had an account here on Blogspot. I didn't catch his "I'm leaving and getting my own domain" post, so I always wondered what happened to him, since he updated so often.

(No fair asking why I haven't updated since October...)

PA progressive said...

I had nothing but problems with Blogger so I moved the blog to Typepad. I also bought the url so it would be easier for people to find the blog. No regrets! Blogger was simply awful to deal with. In fact I'm trying to access the old blog to retreive soemthing from the archives and Google won't even let me sign in. I've never been so happy with Typepad!