What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 16, 2007

Peduto Launches Interactive Cyber Campaign 

Campaign blog? Check
YouTube videos?
MySpace page?
Facebook page?
There's two

Bill Peduto's mayoral campaign web site (www.billpeduto.com) has re-launched today as an "Interactive Cyber Campaign."

According to a statement released by the campaign, they promise open discussion on their blog:
"Unlike many politicians' blogs, which often limit discourse, the Peduto campaign blog invites interactivity and offers an opportunity for discourse," said Merriman-Preston.
Those of you who remember Peduto's 2005 site may recall that it was also tech savvy for its time, being Pittsburgh's first campaign to feature a blog and podcasting.

We're guessing it won't be long before Luke for Mayor adds some content to that site now that they've had a chance to see Bill's (more on this P-G article later).


Anonymous said...

Peduto is feeling the heat now that Rauterkus has declared for mayor (and every other race).

Matt H said...

Ha Ha

Agent Ska said...

Might I add that we had a myspace group aptly titled, "Do you know Peduto?" as well as Buddy Icons?
Yes. We did. I know this because I made them.

Anonymous said...

What if Rauterkus wins all six offices he's running for? It could happen, you know.

Matt H said...

And if your aunt had...

There is a 0.1% chance that Rauterkus will win any of the seats yet alone all 6 of them.

It's just not going to happen.

PghLesbian said...

I need a yard sign to plop into the city-owned abandoned lot next to my backyard. The one they forgot to mow for the past five years.

Matt H said...

Have you called the city about it?

Matt H said...

Nice use of the West End Elliott Overlook in that picture of Peduto.

That's the best view of the city.

Anonymous said...

Will Rauterkus make six separate concession speeches or will he compose one and say "ditto" five times?

PghLesbian said...

Matt H.

I called the city to report that city DPW employees were dumping debris in the field. Nothing happened until I called Tonya Payne's office. Redd Up came out, cleaned it all up and gave me some cockamanie explanation about why it happened in the first place. Two days later, I found out it was actually owned by the city.

If they had just maintained it in the first place, imagine how many tax dollars could have spent addressing other problem?

Opie doesn't get credit for cleaning up his own mess.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it. Things will be much different in the Rauterkus Administration.