What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 29, 2007

Bush Vs. Saint Vincent

As you probably have heard, our preznit will be speaking at the Saint Vincent College Commencement Ceremonies on May 11, 2007.

The following link is to an Open Letter to President Bush protesting his visit because, as they put it, not only are his values at odds with Catholic values, his values are at odds with universal values of decency.

If you know anyone who is specifically a donor, teacher, staff, faculty, student or alumni, please forward it to them and ask them to sign it.

This is only meant for those who have an actual association with Saint Vincent College so please do not sign it unless you qualify.

LINK: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/svc/index.html


Anonymous said...

I don't know...they both like the idea of Crusades....

Smitty said...

yeah and they're both against abortion

Maria said...

Hey, I'd be the LAST person to go to a Catholic college -- or any religious school for that matter -- I'm just reporting this.

Anonymous said...

I DID go to a catholic college, and a Catholic high school..in fact I'm an SVC grad...and I'm DISGUSTED! Its downright depressing to know that St Vincent has gone from a liberal, open minded school, to one that's chasing far right Christian supporters. I'm Catholic, I'm prochoice (like MOST catholics, read the polls), and I like the old school catholics who believe that we should help those who need it, and be accepting of those we don't agree with. They ain't running SVC these days!
Its rumored that Twomey is opus dei...eee..makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

I also am a grad, Class of 74, so that makes a Boomergeezer or a Beeger and a liberal.

While I do not agree with the President either Bush or Towey SVC taught me to listen to all sides, critically, objectively and rationally. You cannot do that if he is silenced, or not allowed to speak. The worst fate for a fool is to give him his say.

So to repect the work of the Students and Parents who worked for this day for 16 years. Mr. Bush, unfortunatly is still the president for a time much too long to comprehend, let him come, let him speak, let us listen and let him go. Let us rejoice in the graduation of another class for those men and women who earned there day.
If you do that, with an open mind, check the facts and do not agree with the message call your congressman, senator and voice your opinion, forcefully and ofter. Like wise if you agree do the same, it is your right and duty to do so.
Better still join you political party and get your candiates elected.
Do the hard work of getting involved.

Vaughn said...

I graduated from SVC in 92. I'm not Catholic (I don't belong to an organized religion), but I was welcome at the school. It's important to know that SVC did not require students to be actively involved in religion (you weren't required to pray or go to church), although you were required to take religious studies. I was able to take a range of classes from philosophy of religion, to Judaism. Now, I've been told, they are starting to include prayer at the beginning of classes.

Well, they can do what they want, it's a private school. However, it's a shame that they seem to have taken the stance that only certain people (conservatives) from certain religions (Catholics) are now welcome at the school. It was -- in the past -- one of the finest places in PA to get an education.

I will continue to write about it on my site if you are interested: http://www.liberalrevolt.com

"You cannot do that if he [Bush] is silenced, or not allowed to speak."

Regarding this comment from Anonymous: I beg to differ, Bush has had plenty of opportunity to speak. Unfortunately, much of his speaking time was spent concocting war, stepping on our constitution, violating our civil rights, dividing our country, ruining our economy, and putting our soldiers in harms way. Do you expect he will say that is groundbreaking, interesting, or inspirational? Mr. Bush doesn't need another platform to push his war-mongering ideals. He has every outlet available to him from news, to radio, to print -- he doesn't need SVC.

Anonymous said...

Let me be clear, I do not expect an interesting , ground breaking, or inspirational speech. Nor do I agree with the policies or his actions, but I will defend his right to be heard.

I can tell you that having Mr. Bush come to SVC has caused me to dispel some decades old projections that I held about Saint Vincent's. It is now just a place, that I paid to attend classes. The faculty and instructors were professional teachers that presented their materials in an efficient and interesting way.

The brick and mortar no longer hold any special meanings to me.

What made the place special was my classmates. Sadly that place exists now only in my memory.

Regrettably, I believe that the current students, administration and faculty that are SVC do represent what Mr. Bush Peddles. Arrogance and Narcissism.

My commencement speaker was Mr. Rogers, he reflected my class.
Bush reflects SVC 2007. So get over it; your in love with a projection.