What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 28, 2007

The Heat Is On

AG Gonzales is beginning to feel the heat.

Check this out. He's at a press conference to discuss a policy to protect children from internet predators - a press conference sheduled to last 15 minutes.

He described the policy initiative for about one minute and then took some questions. After three questions on the US Attorney firings, he walked off.

There's a video attached to the news piece.


Jeff a.k.a. TrojanGuy said...

What's more surprising to me is that Gonzales would be surprised about this. At this point, it's silly for him to expect the press to ignore the scandal while it's in full swing and just ask him fluff questions. This ain't the good ol' days where the White House press core was a bunch of lapdogs that didn't have the spine to ask questions that might piss off the administration.

O said...

Just curious: is the title to this post a slam at anyone (anyblog) in particular?

If so, it made me snicker.

dayvoe said...


To be completely honest, I wasn't consciously slamming the troll.

But it might have snuck in there unconsciously.