What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 23, 2007

In Today's P-G

Post-Gazette columnist (and Editorial Board member) Tony Norman explains some things.

I'll leave it to y'inz to read it for yourselves.


PghLesbian said...

It is interesting that a prominent member of the MSM would so quickly engage the burghosphere. Perhaps the magnitude of MacOpiegate is larger than first imagined?

Anonymous said...

I've run into people all over the City who were, at a minimum, confused by the PG's belated commentaries regarding Luke's unethical behavior - many were completely appalled, using Tony Norman's word "enabler" to classify the conduct of the PG up until now. People were also wondering whether the PG would've come out swinging against Luke had Bill stayed in the race, thus, leaving the heavy lifting to him. Who knows, but it was clear to all that Luke has been handled with kid gloves by all, and "this has to stop".

Maria said...

I thought some of the things Tony was addressing in his column looked awfully...um...familiar, but I thought it might have been just me.

The two posts that he's referring to are this one and this one.