What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 21, 2007


Someone's been busy:

Not only is there a LIE LIKE LUKE blog, there's LIE LIKE LUKE buttons and magnets for purchase!

I may just have to buy some myself.

If you too want to LIE LIKE LUKE, you might want to study Luke Ravenstahl's performance at this presser:


Anonymous said...

For a blog that likes to scream "breaking news" whenever possible, you're awfully quiet on Mr. Peduto's abrupt withdrawal from the primary. So is McIntire. Waiting for your marching orders from Peduto HQ before opining?

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog..........Lie Like Luke...Brilliant! Order me some. He's showing his true leadership qualities. No one there to tell him what to say so , JUST LIE LUKE!
Integrity, Bill Peduto.......I'm proud of you and afraid for our city to be run by a young untruthful kid. "Tho shout not lie." I thought you were a super catholic, or were you lying about that too Luke?

Anonymous said...

what did they have on peduto? must have been something harsh for him to withdraw without warning.

Maria said...

Dear Anonymous #1,

I know God forbid I should have a life, but believe it or not, I was out when all this shit was breaking.

When I got back, I had multiple messages on my phone and my phone didn't stop ringing for a few hours.

I'm sure that you'll be happy to know that my friends were as miserable as I was at the news.

Then, I still needed time to think about what I wanted to say and post something, which I now have.

But let's get one thing straight, Skippy, no one tells me what to write. And, if they tried, I would ignore their attempts.

Anonymous said...

You watch who you're calling "Skippy," sister.

Anonymous said...

You were waiting for marching orders. Don't fib.

Maria said...

You're waiting for the balls to comment as something other than "anonymous." Don't fib.