What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 19, 2007

The War On Iraq

After four years:
  • No WMDs found

  • A fractured Iraqi infrastructure and economy

  • Tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead/wounded (we don't do body counts)

  • A civil war started

  • A weakened, overextended US Military

  • Tens of thousands of US Troops injured

  • 3,000+ US Troops dead

  • A terrorist training ground created

  • Loss of US credibility and respect around the world

  • A damaged US Constitution



    Crankshaft said...

    Loss of credibility and gain in hate. The U.S. is more dangerous now than it was before the Iraqi invasion.

    Matt H said...

    Would impeachment this close to the 2008 election be a wise idea for the Democratic party on a national level? I don't think so.