What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 22, 2007

"We stayed at a friend of Kevin's house that evening"

He added that he didn't know the name of Kevin's friend.

Yeah, that's the kind of answer you'd expect from your kid when he's messed up and is trying to cover his tracks.

But it was actually the answer that the freakin' MAYOR OF PITTSBURGH, Luke Ravenstahl, gave to a major daily newspaper (the Post-Gazette).

Ravenstahl has previously stated that he doesn't know where he ate that night and that he didn't remember in what part of town he spent the night.

Early Alzheimer's? I think not.

The night in question is of course Luke's now infamous trip to NYC.

Lil Lukey also says that he's going to just refuse to give any more details about his little field trip.

And for those who will inevitably ask why any of this matters, it does:
Where the mayor slept, though, is relevant if the lodgings were owned or rented by a party with some interest in city business, and if the stay had monetary value. The city's code of conduct bars officials from taking gifts above nominal value from an "interested party," with some exceptions.
Read it and weep here.


Matt H said...

I'm glad to see your posting. I wasn't sure if you would be OK after your main squeeze dropped out.

Keep digging. I'm sure it will keep getting more & more vicious around here.

Smitty said...

What i found interesting was the Mayor's new found arrogance.Without an opponent, you can get away with shit like that.

Maria said...

And, this post by you wasn't vicious???

Maria said...


All too true.


Maria said...

matt h,

I guess that means Luke is your "main squeeze," right?

jessica said...

Glad to drop into your blog. Its quite amazing and great to read.

Anonymous said...

Actually his post was great. A know a lot of us "anon" readers felt what he wrote painted an accurate picture of some of you folks.

Maria said...

No one can paint an accurate picture of the "anon readers" because they are too wussy to even comment with a nickname.

Perhaps I'll just decide from now on to address yinz as "Luke" or "Dick" or "Yarone" because you might be afterall and also then Luke and his posse will get credit for some of the dumb things many of the anons say.

PghLesbian said...

I like the idea of addressing all Anonymous posters as Yarone. The name you use might be Yarone. I kill myself.

Maria said...


Anonymous said...

The only name uglier than Yarone is Denny, but I don't think Denny can type - he has the $70,000 executive secretary to do that for him.

Matt H said...

Name less Dennis Regan comments---how mature.