What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 30, 2007

Where in the world is Luke Ravenstahl?

Agent Ska is all over this story!

Pittsburgh's Boy Mayor told the Mount Washington Democratic Committee that he could not attend a previous meeting because he claimed to have been suddenly called to New York City on that day (Monday, January 22, 2007) to discuss Penguins business.

Being the Video Diva that she is, Agent Ska captured Lukey's excuse and put it on YouTube:

Knowing our Boy Mayor's past troubles with both trips to NYC and telling HUGE WHOPPING LIES, Ska decided to poke around a bit to see if the Mayor's excuse held up.

You can see the results of her investigations here.

Hint: While not conclusive, it sure ain't pretty!


Anonymous said...

Let me make a prediction. Shortly Matt H (resident propaganda minister) will be here stating that this is:

"pretty lame"
"a misunderstanding"
"a non-incident"
"does it really matter?"

Bram Reichbaum said...

Hmph. I was hoping only one of us would amplify this. I kind of wanted to hang it all on her. "The Blogosphere" has enough tsaurus.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, this might cost him the election.

BTW, doesn't Peduto's concession suggest that the "power" of the blogs has been greatly overestimated?

Maria said...

Maybe you've heard of "IOKIYAR" (It's OK If You're A Republican).

We need a new one now.

I suggest "IOKIYLR" (It's OK If You're Luke Ravenstahl).

Kelly H said...

SO lets see....people would be pissed if the Pens left pittsburgh and that would be Lukes fault...but now people are pissed that he went to discuss business to keep them here and missed a meeting for that? I think the millions of dollars the team generates for the city and keeping a tradition here is more important than Luke missing a meeting...and I think the average Pittsburgh-for-lifer would agree!

Bram Reichbaum said...

Kelly, any relation? :)

Justin said...

What I personally am wondering is why when Bill got elected to city council way back when, I forget actually, he did make a point, I know he told folks at a meeting, of not going after the democratic endorsement. But then this time he's handing out trinkets to get the democratic endorsement? Why not just run against the machine, why did he try to become part of it and then when they wouldn't have him (no, I'm not on the democratic committee, nor am I related to Luke, who I do like, and I like Bill too, we'd be served well by either) suddenly he's out and his polls are bad? I just don't think Bill really knows what he wants. And, didn't Bill vote for Luke for president of city council? Was he a bad choice then? Why did he vote for Luke then but now Luke's not good enough?? And, if Bill is such a good leader, why wasn't HE elected as president of city council? Too many weird questions surrounding this if you ask me and no, I'm not talking about Luke. Just my thoughts.

Maria said...

Uh, Kelly, if you went to the link in this post, you'd see that once again Luke is LYING.

He told people he missed their meeting because he was called away to NY that day for a Pens meeting but no one else who would have been at that meeting were in NYC that day.

Just another pathological lie.