What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 13, 2007

One Political Junkie On The Air!

I'll be on OffQ tonight at 7:30pm.

I've done a few of these before and they're always great fun. The idea that one is on LIVE FRICKIN' TV can be a little daunting but once the conversation starts, it usually takes on a life of its own.

I'll try to capture some of the magic with my camera phone. My big concern is that the studio lights will be so bright that the glare emanating out from by huge melon-shaped baldness will burn out the QED's cameras.

I hope that doesn't happen. And if it does, I hope I don't have to pay for it.

See you there.

UPDATE: Had a great time. It was my first time on the show with Heather Heidelbaugh and Bill Green, though I'd met both of them at various John McIntire anniversary parties. It was my third time on the show and I think I was only about 1/100th as nervous as I was when I was first on last year.

It was over too quickly.

I got the topics of discussion via e-mail about 1 O'Clock Friday afternoon. Included in the e-mail was a set of links to some news sources (P-G, CNN) so that everyone, I guess, can be at the same starting point for the discussion.

Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly but I was confused by Heather's reactions to the Imus story. I thought she was contradicting herself. Early on, she seemed to be saying that it was OK to toss Imus off the air as long as the standards are more universal - adding that she didn't think the standards are. Then a few minutes later, she seemed to be saying that Imus should not have been tossed because of free speech, adding that the real threat here is Political Correctness. She wants people to be free to say what they want and she wants to know who the racists and sexists are.

Maybe I'm remembering wrong - the studio lights WERE pretty hot and I hadn't had any dinner.

There were a couple of times when I had something to say, but Valerie was in the middle of a great point and I don't want to interrupt people when they're saying something interesting - a lesson my parents taught me. She's a very nice woman. A fan of this blog, too. (Hey, Valerie!)

It was a little odd not sitting next to Fred Honsberger. My previous two times on the show, I got to sit next to The Honzman himself. Bill Green is a very nice guy, smart and business efficient in his answers - no flash. I'm just glad the OPJ liked my suit better than his.

I would have liked to have discussed the US Attorney purges, especially since Heather is an attorney, Bush's war, since Bill was a supporter of the war when I used to see him on McIntire's Night Talk, and then maybe the Imus thing. But it wasn't my call - I was just the guest of the week.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Just finished. You did fine, but man, those topics this week were a snooze. And I couldn't disagree more with the letter-writer who wants more coverage of national topics as opposed to local topics. We have tons of sources to choose from on national topics; hey look, coming up next on QED is Washington Week, and the big topic is Don Imus!

Matt H said...

Good job tonight and I agree with Bram.

Jazz Maffey said...

I wouldn't mind giving that Heather a tumble. Can you hook me up?

Jesus is a liberal said...

Bravo to the all four on last night's OffQ panel!
It was so nice to see civil people discussing topics of the day and actually have a dialogue instead of the usual crap when Fat Fred is there.
Honestly, haven't they realised that he is just as guilty as RuthAnn was in screaming hate speech at perfectly rational people.
I agree with Mcintire, Honz is a douchebag! Throw the bum out and replace him with Bill Green.

Anonymous said...

fan of heather but she did flip flop a wee bit. it went from toss the bum out to how will we know the scary folks unless we let them talk...agreed not the best topics, would have loved to have seen the story about the $10,000 donations to republicans by the the lil' old lady, who didn't know cheryl allen was a woman.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe I'm remembering wrong - the studio lights WERE pretty hot and I hadn't had any dinner."

No. You are just a dumb ass.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

No. You are just a dumb ass.
Ah...Bumping up the level of political discourse a few notches with both your wit and your courage, are you, Anonymous?