What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 18, 2007

Super-Bob is On The Job

Take a look at this and read through the whole thing.

I am hoping the once and future Ethics Board will be more forthcoming with information than this. They sure made it difficult for Super-Bob Mayo.

The posting involves the hoops Bob Mayo and Elaine Effort (of KQV) had to jump through in order to get some info on the new nominee to the city's ethics board, one Penny Zacharias. Zacharias was being escorted through the city county building by a member of the city law department, one Kate DiSimone.

Here's an interesting part. At this point in the dance, DiSimone had been shuttling Zacharias away from Mayo and Effort for a short time when this interchange occurred:

Solicitor DiSimone: "I'm going to show Miss Zacharias where our meeting is going to be on Friday."

Mayo: "You are (who); I'm sorry?"

Solicitor DiSimone: "My name is Kate DiSimone, I'm with the city law department and will be meeting this Friday..."

Mayo: "Do you know what time and the location of the meeting?"

Solicitor DiSimone: "The meeting is scheduled for 10 o'clock. I'm not sure of the location yet."

Okaaay. So she's showing Zacharias where the meeting will be held but she doesn't know where the meeting will be held.

God, I hope this isn't any indication of the future efficiency or transparency of the ethics board.


Smitty said...

yeah but the solicitor's office never fails to amuse!!

Anonymous said...

Penny will be a terrific member of Ethics Board. She's bright, independent & knows what it means to be "ethical".