What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 31, 2007

DeSantis with Mayo

It's not a new sandwich -- it's Bob Mayo's highlights of his interview with Republican candidate for Mayor, Mark DeSantis. Here's my highlights of Mayo's highlights:
• "I just think it's time for change. And the people I've spoken to over the last several months or so when I was considering this have said they want change and they want it now."

• "I was hoping Bill Peduto would stay in the race. I think he's a reformer. When I saw that we're not really going to have a dialog about this city the way I had hoped, I thought maybe we should think about jumping into this race."

• "Our focus is on the reform agenda, and what I would even call profound reform. That's what's desperately needed here. And that's going to be the focus of our policies going forward."
You can read the rest at Mayo's blog, The Busman's Holiday, here.

You can read David's interview with DeSantis here.

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