What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 16, 2007

Election Coverage

Can someone please explain to me the reasoning behind Night Talk's election coverage last night?

In the first half hour, the Conservative talk show host Mike Pintek talked to Conservative Republican Bill Green about the election. Then in the second half hour the Conservative talk show host Mike Pintek talked to Conservative Republican (and former mayoral candidate) Joe Weinroth and Democrat Jim Burn (Chair of the Allegheny Democratic Committee) about the election.

Glad they decided to have on at least one person with a "D" beside his name (what, no Democratic or Republican women were available??) to talk about the election in this predominantly Democratic city - even if it was just the guy claiming "no machine politics" in Pittsburgh. But geez guys, he was one out of the four!

And if you chop it up by time, it was even smaller than that. He was only one third of the conversation during last half hour.

It's amazing how low John McIntire's old show has fallen.


Anonymous said...

I like how at 11:30 on WPXI it was like... see you tomorrow for the election results. Coverage you can count on... tomorrow.

The Burgher said...

People still watch Nighttalk?

Anonymous said...

Ratings show no one has ever watched Night Talk.

Anonymous said...

Nighttalk is acutually getting such low ratings that physicists interested in the concept of black holes and dark matter are studying it carefully.

It's a another smashingly successful Mark Barash production. I mean, at this point...what's the point? Couldn't they do better with an infomercial?


Anonymous said...

I got addicted to Nighttalk during the macyapper era. I still watch it occasionally but not all that often. John was funny and had good guests. It was funny to see him busting balls and such. It's not so good anymore.

So yes, people do watch it.

It's sort of like that matt h blog. Sometimes you just have to check in to see how bad it really sucks.