What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 17, 2007

Green Shirts at the Polls

After voting on Tuesday I chatted with a Bruce Kraus poll watcher. I had already heard reports of Koch "Green Shirts" being inside polling places (it's a no-no to campaign 50 feet from a polling place) so I asked the Kraus supporter if any had been to my polling place at 24th and Sarah Streets on the South Side. The supporter affirmed that he had witnessed that. (Let it be known that I took off my Kraus button prior to entering my polling place.)

Well, what do I see when I go over to Agent Ska's blog, The Ideas Bucket, but a video of my very own polling place showing a Koch Green Shirter going inside the polls!

According to Ska, the guy turned tail and went back out the door when, 'Suddenly, his buddy realized what was happening and yelled to him, "HEY! SHE'S TAKING PICTURES (name of friend goes here)!!!"'

In the comments section at The Bucket the guy yelling was described as "about 1000 years old" so I'm guessing it was my district's Committeeman who is a bit up there in years and was, as always, at the polls on election day.

You can view the video here:

You can read Ska's report on the taping here: http://agentska.blogspot.com/2007/05/agent-ska-reports.html and here: http://agentska.blogspot.com/2007/05/whatcha-doin-in-there.html.

I am sooo very happy that Koch lost and Kraus won. :-D


Anonymous said...

It is like the zapruder film of Pittsburgh political minutiae.

If it keeps them honest it is worth it. Digi-cams at every pol, next time?

Anonymous said...

I saw what I assumed was an election official(sitting at table inside) wearing a Koch Shirt at the school.

RRL said...

50 feet? Is this ever enforced? 50 feet from the door, table, or voting booth? Every time I have voted I have these vultures camped at the door trying to give me their campaign lit and yelling in my face things like, "Vote for (insert mustached yinzer candidate here)!". Like if I hadn't made up my mind by now, their lit and yells will make it up for me? Idea: next election, make up some of your own little cards that read, "I was going to vote for your candidate, but since your are here, now I'm not" and hand it to them as you are going in.

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my 2 Political Monkeys t-shirt.

Matt H said...
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Maria said...

Yes, it's a big deal. While most people play games with the 50 foot rule outside the polls, going inside them IS another matter.

tgl said...

Actually, guys, the rule is 10 feet; or at least that's what it says in the extensive poll watcher's info that the Dowd campaign gave me. Also it's legal for a voter to carry leaflets, wear a t-shirt or button or whatever, while she's in there voting --- but she has to carry them out again when leaving. Any form of political advertisement/ID on the people who are in the polling place for long periods, such as poll watchers, is a very big no-no. Whether that Koch person was doing anything illegal would thus depend on whether he was going in (just) to cast his own vote, or to do something else. But his reaction to getting filmed sure suggests he knew it was illegal.

J-Bird said...

Matt H:

Yes its a big deal when a candidate's supporters/poll watchers are present inside the voting area with campaign attire, lit, etc. It's another form of intimidation. Voters should be free to cast their vote without a partisan presence in their immediate vicinity--its the law.

In the morning at the District 3 voting precinct at South High School, Koch supporters in green campaign shirts were sitting at the table with the election workers inside the voting area--not even 5 feet from the votong machines. That is a tactic of intimidation.

Once again, if the situation were reversed, and the candidate you were supporting faced the same tactics, your attitude and response would be completely different.