What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 29, 2007

Kevin Miller on KDKA

Since I, like most everyone else, had a day off yesterday, I was able to catch up on some of my wing-nut surveillance. I took a little time (time that I'll never get back, by the way) to listen to the new guy on KDKA radio - Kevin Miller.

He went through some of the usual mindnumbingly wrong explanations of 911. The most interesting was that it's all Clinton's fault, that Clinton should have been paying attention to terrorism rather than chasing around Monica Lewinsky and that Clinton did nothing about terrorism. Never mind that the Clinton's affair with Lewinsky ended more than 4 years before 911. And never mind the Richard Clarke memo urging the new Bush administration to continue working on al-Qaeda.

Facts, of course, never make much of an impression on far-right blowhards.

But a curious thing happened during the portion of the program I heard. A woman called in (obviously one of those dangerous anti-war types) and questioned Miller on his own military service. He said that he had been in the service - and added no details.

I found that curious because when a person is asked that question he (or she) usually responds with, "Yes, I served in the Army." or some such answer. Rarely is the answer merely a "Yes."

So I went googling. The furthest I got was this reference from a website called "Renew America." If you look closely (or maybe it's not necessary to look all that closely) you'll see that the website definitely leans to the right. This is all I could find about Mr Miller's military experience:
Morning host Kevin Miller (who, about the time of the Republican primary, replaced long-time WWTN morning host Steve Gill) at first allowed Mr. Kovach to call into his program. Then, suddenly, he began to treat Mr. Kovach in a rude and shameful manner on the air. This included frequently interrupting the candidate, changing the subject frequently, and even playing the song "Yakety Sax" at a loud volume while Mr. Kovach was trying to answer Miller's questions. (Notably, Miller touts himself as a "former Army Reserve journalist," but has also admitted on-air that his military service "just didn't work out" after only a short time.)
Granted, this leaves open a HUGE number of possibilities about the extent of Mr Miller's service. Which branch? When did he join? How long was this "short time"? Why was it so short? What ended it?

Anyone have any idea? I certainly don't.


Anonymous said...

He either was dropped for weight or testing positive for drugs.

He would have to fulfill his initial service obligation. There is no "not working out" discharge.

Anonymous said...

What if you "tell" under don't ask, don't tell . . . isn't that a way out?

Anonymous said...

you are off every day because you do not work david. you certainly have a lot of time on your hands to be guest hosting for radio shows along with using your "press pass" (which by the way any schmuck can get) how do you find the time for a full time job?

oh yeah, can i ask you something: where has your beloved bob casey been? seems as if he has not been reporting to work. Oh and one more thing, sen. robert byrd has not lived in wva for years...why no comment on that?

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Master Lie, didn't your Mommy tell you to stay away from the big bullies on this site? It's bad for your "health," you know.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about this too (although this post is quite old) and here's the info I found:

Kevin served four years in the Army, went to college, became a teacher in the public school system and then later got in the radio business (not sure how that began, though).

No controversies about his service. According to photos I found, he was not overweight until recent years.

J said...

Never let a fact get in the way of a liberal blowhard.