What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 30, 2007

The Race is On

According to today's P-G, Mark DeSantis got 910 write in votes. And since he only needed 250, it looks like there'll be a real live mayoral race in the city of Pittsburgh this November.

Mr. DeSantis, head of a business consulting firm, had been reticent about a possible campaign before the primary.

Yesterday, he answered the question of whether he was running by saying "I'm a candidate. Absolutely."

You can read my interview with him here.

Mayor Luke, of course, was tracked down for a proper quote. He said:
"I look forward to continuing to govern the city of Pittsburgh, which ultimately, in my opinion, good government translates to good politics, so that's what the focus will be."
Can someone buy that man a book on English grammar? He sounds like a buffoon. The next quotation doesn't help either (though it's a little clearer):
"We'll do whatever is necessary, do whatever we feel we have to, to win the election," he said. "My goal will be to win the election in November, and to whatever extent I have to run a viable campaign, I am willing to do so, both with manpower and financially."
This is just too easy. What is he saying here? The first sentence actually contradicts itself as there's a bit of a difference between doing "what ever is necessary" and "whatever we feel we have to." And is there any politician alive who's goal isn't to win the next election?

But that last part - it almost sounds like while he's "willing" to run a campaign, he's not altogether too happy about it.

Poor Luke. Democracy can be such a pain in the ass.


pghlesbian said...

Well, at least he was accurate in saying MANpower. Mayor Diversity indeed.

Isn't there a book called Eats, Shoots and Leaves about grammar? Perhaps we should all send him a copy ....

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mark DeSantis.

Char said...

He is so very painful to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Taking a serious look at both candidates; I am inclined to vote for Mr. DeSantis so that Peduto can run against him in 2 years. The only question is if Mr. DeSantis wins and also does a good job will Peduto be able to win in 2?

Democrats need to think twice; if you are dissatiified now with the young mayor then you should support Mr. DeSantis. If you are not dissatisfied with the young mayor then support him. Great idea huh....remember the other party voters can also vote for Mr. DeSantis....this is going to be a good race...and PGH needs a good race for a change

Maria said...

I think everyone will be looking forward to some debates -- except of course Luke.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I expect there to be more than a two way race for mayor.


Plus, unless there is more than 1 challenger, it will be hard to get Luke to debate.