What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 7, 2007

Without Comment

From yesterday's Tribune-Review:
Luke crashes Tiger's party

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The story making the rounds in political circles has Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl getting the folks at the Oakmont Country Club upset recently after Tiger Woods played a round of golf there.

Seems that after Woods was done practicing for next month's U.S. Open at Oakmont he attended a private party sponsored by American Express.

Political insiders say Ravenstahl showed up at the event uninvited and angered folks by worming his way into pictures with Woods and others.

Country club officials would neither confirm nor deny they were perturbed at the young mayor. Nor would they comment on whether Ravenstahl was able to secure Woods' autograph.

(h/t to Three Rivers Fishing Report.)


Anonymous said...

Good on Ravenstahl!
I'd try to worm my way in too!

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Sure. One worm is as good as another.