What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 27, 2007

Tony on Bill (on Keith)

Here's the article that Tony Norman wrote about Bill O'Reilly that Tony and David are talking about now and that Keith Olbermann referenced last night.

UPDATE: If you, like me, missed Keith last night talking about Pittsburgh's own Tony Norman, here's the YouTube video of it:


Sherry said...

bill o's act is wearing thinner than coulter's.

a 16 year old made him look like a fool on his own show.

and tony norman rocks.

Richmond K. Turner said...

I dunno... I mean, Ann Coulter is pretty far out there on the "wearing thin" continuum. Even Bill would have to work really hard to catch up with her.

And Tony Norman, while right in this instance, is -- in my humble opinion -- wrong far more often than he is right.

Maria said...

Can't agree with you here, Admiral.

I'm a big fan of Tony's too.

Anonymous said...

Remember lefties, the biggest threat to the United States is the free speech of Bill O'reilly according to Olbermann.
And by the way, aren't you proud that after 72 years of lefty leadership in this city that the black population is worse of than before.
And Bill O'Reilly is the worst person in america. LOL LOL LOL

Sherry said...

one thing has little to do with the other.

until we tackle each problem that exists without muddying the waters and trying to score points by lumping differing problems together under party labels we will get nowhere.

and i think that may be just how some of the leaders in each party would like to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lefties, under VP Gore there was "No controlling legal authority." And to think you lefties think free speech is the biggest threat to America.