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July 24, 2007

Jimmy Breslin on Impeachment

Pulitzer-prize winning writer Jimmy Breslin writes:

I am walking in Rosedale on this day early in the week while I wait for the funeral of Army soldier Le Ron Wilson, who died at age 18 in Iraq. He was 17 1/2 when he had his mother sign his enlistment papers at the Jamaica recruiting office. If she didn't, he told her, he would just wait for the months to his 18th birthday and go in anyway. He graduated from Thomas Edison High School at noon one day in May. He left right away for basic training. He came home in a box last weekend. He had a fast war.

The war was there to take his life because George Bush started it with bold-faced lies.

And uses the "I" word:

If Bush did this in Queens, he would be in court on Queens Boulevard on a murder charge.

He did it in the White House, and it is appropriate, and mandatory for the good of the nation, that impeachment proceedings be started. You can't live with lies. You can't permit them to be passed on as if it is the thing to do.

He goes on to debunk the idea that Impeachment would be somehow damaging to the nation. He ends the piece mentioning Sara Taylor, recently testifying as to why she won't answer some questions put to her by some Members of Congress while she was under oath, "I took an oath to uphold the president," she said.

That president had been in charge of a government that kidnapped, tortured, lied, intercepted mail and calls, all in the name of opposing people who are willing to kill themselves right in front of you. You have to get rid of a government like this. Ask anybody in Rosedale, where Le Ron Wilson wanted to live his young life. His grave speaks out that this is an impeachable offense.



Schmuck Shitrock said...

Yeah, but what about the Fairness Doctrine?

Whigsboy said...

Besides, Saddam had WMDs and YouTube says all of the Democrats said so in 1998 and 2002. They're all in Syria, you dirty liberal hippie bastard.