What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 14, 2007

Missy's Back!


Life here at 2PJ just got a little bit sweeter. Dennis Roddy at the P-G reported this morning:
Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart says she is planning a comeback bid to regain the seat she lost a year ago to Democrat Jason Altmire.
Though David M. Brown at the Trib put it much more succinctly.
Melissa Hart wants a rematch.
So now we get to point out Missy Hart's political biography. For instance, that back in late 2004, Tom Delay was in deep deep trouble. Allegations of corruption, indictments on the way, the whole shebang. This is how I wrote it up:

For those of you how haven't been following this story (and there may be one or two of you out there!), House Republican Tom "The Hammer" Delay may be indicted soon over some fraudulent fundraising schemes (what's that you say? A REPUBLICAN involved in FRAUD? Say it ain't so!).

Trouble is the House had a rule that said that if any committee head were to be indicted, he/she would have to relinquish that job until the indictment is ironed out.

Bad news for Delay, right? One of the most powerful House members might have to step aside for a while because of an indictment. He raises a lot of money for other House Members, you know. So this must be bad news for the Republicans in the House, right?

Not so fast, my friend. Not so fast. Wonder what the "moral values" party did when faced with this dilemma?

They changed the rule.

So to protect their corrupt colleague, a whole buncha Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to change the rules - and Melissa Hart was one of them.

Here's something slipped out of the coverage of the last campaign - only to be picked up my the Rothenberg Report after the election. By the way, this is from Sean Trende of humanevents.com (hardly a left-leaning source):
According to the non-partisan Rothenberg Report, Hart was sure of another victory, and avoided campaigning in part because it interfered with drum lessons she was taking. She lost to under-funded candidate Jason Altmire by 4 points. [emphasis added]
Such a committment to her district! That she couldn't be bothered with the campaign because she was taking drum lessons.

Welcome back, Missy! We missed you.


Rob Carr said...

Sorry, but I think I have to sympathize with the drum lessons.

Is there any chance she wants to give up on politics and become the semi-permanent drummer for our church band?

Rob Carr said...


I am not authorized to offer Melissa Hart the position of semi-permanent drummer for our church band. The position doesn't pay, either.

jaywillie said...

Melissa Hart...you know, she wasn't worth re-electing the last time and it doesn't seem like a whole lots changed since then or she's done anything to prove that she won't be the same kind of Representative she was when she provided cover for criminals like Tom Delay, so why would anyone waste their vote on her next year, especially when learning to play the drums is more important than the voters?

If she doesn't have time for the voters in an election year, what would convince anyone that she'd make time for voters after the elections over?

Melissa Hart is a Republican. She's a bit of a conservative. She is an acolyte of a selfish, fearful political philosophy that promotes division over unity, ideology over reason, profits before people and the consolidation of power in contempt of our democracy.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Talk about misleading! Right next to the headline "Missy's Back," Davoe, you posted a picture of her front! How can we trust you when you lie to us like that?