What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 20, 2007

Pittsburgh's 2nd Annual Dyke March

WHAT: Pittsburgh Dyke March
WHEN: Saturday, July 21, 2007, 5PM

From Sue talking about last years's march:
Last year's event was awesome with dozens of dyke-identified queer women marching proudly through the streets of Oakland. It is hard to describe so let's take a quick look back at what we were saying last year ...
These women have done a good job creating a dyke-affirming event. The next challenge is to reach out beyond their circles of genderqueer women to all those dykes who didn't attend, didn't hear about it and are pretty much mainstream. Their voices should be part of the dialogue because they too are being disregarded by those in power. There are lots and lots of suburban dykes in Pittsburgh complete with minivans, car seats and years of misogeny on their backs.


Anonymous said...

What does being a lesbian have to do with politics?

Maria said...

Gee, I guess I could counter with "the personal is political'"or add that I occasionally blog on things that aren't overtly political, but what I will say is that I blog on issues and events that are of interest to me.

And, considering how under attack the LGBT Community is from the Wingnuts/Religionists in this country and how they make it a "political" issue for same sex couples to just walk down the street holding hands, I think that a "dyke march" is a political event.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

What does being a lesbian have to do with politics?

That question was meant to be ironic, right?