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July 4, 2007

Where In The World Was Luke Ravenstahl?

Now we know where he was during that recent City Council hearing. He was out playing Jeremy Boren has the story.
Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl played at a celebrity golf tournament rather than face more than 100 women angered by the promotions of three police officers linked to accusations of domestic violence or disturbances in their pasts.
What is it with this guy and golf? But take a look at the next few paragraphs:
"I can confirm that he was there both days," said Nancy Angus, director of the Mario Lemieux Foundation, which organizes the annual Mario Lemieux Celebrity Tournament.
So Boren got the tournament to confirm.

Ravenstahl refused to say Friday and again Sunday where he was during the more than two-hour City Council public hearing at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in City Council Chambers. [emphasis added]
Did he think that no one would find out? That no one would check? What's he using for brains these days?

Here comes the chutzpah:
"Some are attempting to unfairly criticize me for attending a charitable event while a public hearing was being held on the 28th. This smacks of crass politics and yellow journalism and disappoints me greatly," Ravenstahl said in a statement last night.
Wait a sec! He was denying he was there as recently as Sunday - and it was a charitable event?? He's denied he was at a charitable event and then when it was confirmed that he was - THEN he says criticising him for it "smacks of crass politics and yellow journalism"?

No, Luke. You're the disappointement.

As Jeanne Clark (who was at the meeting and not out playing in Ligonier) said:
What's astonishing is that if he was really trying to raise money for charity, he was trying to hide it from people by not answering the question.
Yep. That's our mayor.

And in case you hadn't heard, he refused to overturn the promotions.

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