What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 28, 2007

Another Republican Sex Scandal

This time, Admiral, it's a US Senator.

It's Larry Craig Republican Senator from Idaho.

You know the drill - another "family values" guy. Another "family values" guy who's obviously in the closet. Another "family values" guy who's obviously in the closet who pleads guilty after being busted for lewd behaviour in an airport bathroom.

Now all that's left is his hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

I love the "Jeff Bagwell" defense.
-- The burgher

Anonymous said...

What IS it with these guys?

He doesn't believe in gay marriage but hooking up in an airport washroom is fine...

Save me from the saviors!


The Bag of Health and Politics said...
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The Bag of Health and Politics said...

He's long been known to be gay in Washington. To his credit, he's not a family values guy aside from the standard Republican Quayle-esque coments. The right-wing nuts absolutely hate him. They were going to run against him in the primary anyway. David Vitter, on the other hand, there's a first-class hypocrit

Anonymous said...

Wait for it...

Now he's claiming he copped a plea just to make it all go away?

Get a grip Idaho. What a hypocritical f you've elected. Is it too soon to sing "Bye bye" and good riddance?

Oh and, note to self, he really, really loves his wife.

What deal did she strike for this? Was it worth it? I'd venture to say it rarely is.

Maria said...


He's a HUGE hypocrite who's against gay marriage, civil unions, gays in the military, extending protection of any kind to gays PLUS he couldn't shut his mouth about what a "nasty, bad, naughty boy" Bill Clinton was for having an affair and he voted for impeachment on that basis.

Anonymous said...

What about Republican Federal Judge Edward Nottingham? Unless he is found to have committed a misdemeanor or loses his law license, he is appointed for life and in a great position to accept bribes. Just a few weeks ago his ex wife said that the FBI asked her why he spent $500 to buy access to a website that advertises dates with women wanting sex tonight after you look at porno pictures of them. Also, she said that he said he spent $3,000 in one occasion at a strip club. AP reported they called Mr. Frankel, the manager of the Denver Diamond Cabaret and he said that Judge Nottingham was there on multiple ocassions. Prime material for blackmail or bribery since the Judge can't afford such expensive entertainment, there is no record who paid for the other $3,000 evenings, and he said he is deeply mortified. Why should a federal judge's repeated attendance at an expensive strip club, 3 minutes from the federal courthouse, and his use of a paid web site offering what sounds close to prostitution, while he was married, be private? The judge says prostitution, pornography, and strip clubs should be a private matter at the same time he says he is qualified to rule on other people's important private affairs and should be trusted to be blackmail and bribery proof. I don't agree. His ex wife said she divorced him because of the strip clubs and porno.