What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 31, 2007

Council votes two week hold on Bill No. 2007-1797 (Police & Domestic Violence)

Shields, Peduto and Koch voted NO on the hold.

Once again, City Council gives Mayor Opie Ravenstahl what he wants: hold this off until after the election.

Still no written policy from the Police (they assure us Council will see something "in a week").

We've been waiting for action since June.

No Halloween jokes here -- just disgust.


Sherry said...

always the same. sad and unjust.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Very lame, but what else would we expect from the likes of Len Bodack Jr and Twanda, out going council members. Good for Koch for voting the right way, for once in his brief career on Council.

It's really the low of lows to play politics with public safety. But the Ravenstahl administration started with playing politics with public safety. It's fitting that it's ending with playing politics with public safety.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Oh, and how could I forget Motznik, the Mayor's number on pal on council? Once again, Motznik and Ravenstahl show that they're a bad duo for Pittsburgh...

Anonymous said...

just wait til next year when Motznik is council prez and hiz boy luke is still the boy king

Gloria said...

The postponement is disgusting, but let's keep on it.

It's important to remember that we need a law, not a policy.

Policies come & go with changing administrations. Laws remain laws.

The Mayor & Police are pushing for the policy they've just created.

In the coming days, when you hear about how great this new policy is, remember there oughta be a LAW.

Jason Phillips said...

Put it off for two weeks and Luke won't have to own the issue before the election.

Luke said, "I support this bill being put in the form of an ordinance so that the police department is held accountable". So are you telling me that his: Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, Director of Public
Safety and Assistant Solicitor all showed up to City Council on their own and worked to defeat the bill.

Either Luke supports the bill and is bad managing his team, or Luke wanted to ax the bill and then take the high road with the media.

Gloria said...

In my opinion the Mayor supports neither the ordinance nor the amendments offered today in City Council.

Anonymous said...

Motznik will not be Prez of City Council - Burgess,Dowd, Kraus, Peduto and Shields form the new majority come January.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

My guess is Shields will still be the Council President. He probably has the votes on both sides for that. Motznik will run again, and get a single vote--his own--again.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Way to go Koch!! We'll have to blog you up once things settle down.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Koch voted "NO" on the hold. That means he wanted to advance the bill to a final vote. Koch was doing the right thing, IMHO.

Bram, did you get it wrong?

For the record, my statement was simple. "Put the pedal to the medal and go straight ahead." I want action. I want the thing to be voted upon. I want to address matters of corruption, reform and possible abuses of power.

Delays in this landscape are dumb.

What would Kraus do and say?

Motznik wanted a no PFA policy to stretch beyond the police to all city employees and all elected officials.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

You can't bar elected office like that in Pennsylvania. That would be a poison pill that Motznik was promoting. (It'd get the bill passed, it'd end up in court, and the law would be struck down, so Motznik can get what he really wants, no bill, while looking like he actually cares. Typical.)

Anonymous said...

Lenny From Lawrenceville:

Like you know I think like ahh the chief of police should do all this stuff on domestic violence an'at. I mean like that's his job right? Like if I was a Councilman I wouldn't wanna mess in anybody else's business ya know and like I don't see where this is really anybody on city council's business anyways if the FOP say it isn't. I mean they are the police fer cryin aht lawd. I can't see where this is really a problem any ways. Shields and Peduto are just a couple of buttinskies if ya know what I mean an'at. and that Clark broad from NOW...sssshhhhhh! I'm just glad all dem dere other democrats down nee'r an'at are not communists or something too. Ya know? oh yeah some jag offs just gave me the pink slip so if youse bloggers know where I can get a job where I don't have read nothin let me know.

Sherry said...

it's "bidness" not business.

if you are going to make fun of the pittsburgh aceent you might want to get it right.

me, i use mine proudly even in some of my poems. i also have some friends in the u.k. that happily have adopted the term "jag off" and others.

just doing my bit for international understanding and acceptance. ; )