What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 31, 2007

Halloween Edition

1) I know it must be Halloween because I received something in my mailbox designed to curl my hair (too late -- already done) and cover me in goosebumps. Yes, I got the most recent Ravenstahl mailer -- the one that has the big picture of GW on it beside a photo of Mark DeSantis. On the back it reads: "Say no to George W. Bush, Say no to Republican Mark DeSantis." OHMYGOD, Karl Rove will appear under my bed at midnight on election day if I vote for DeSantis! SAVE US ALL!!!!

2) FEMA is looking into Lil Mayor Luke's joyriding in a Homeland Security SUV. Very scary . . . for Lukey!


3) Looks like Interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl may get his wish and have a vote on City Council Bill No. 2007-1797 (Police and Domestic violence) postponed until after the election.

It's no secret that Ravenstahl does not support this bill or that the FOP opposes it and has LIED about what passage of it will do. They are claiming that Council does not have the authority to pass it (BULL!) and that that commanders who accidentally violated an ordinance could be subject to criminal charges (MORE BULL).

What I find more frightening is that only Doug Shields and Bill Peduto (the two cosponsors) have so far come out in favor of the bill (though Twanda Carlisle may be leaning in its favor).

If you haven't yet, email your councilor RIGHT NOW and ask them to support Bill No. 2007-1797 and the four amendments.

The police cannot and should not police themselves as they want.

(Also, check out Behind the Blue Wall a blog that tracks domestic violence issues with police nationally.)

UPDATE: Click here for something m,ore fun than scary.


Janet said...

Loved the Lukey pumpkin! And the content, too!

Anonymous said...

John K. says: What is really scary. Hillary Clinton, the smartest person in the world, saying, last night on the Democrat debate; "What's the Governor (of NY) supposed to do?" Wow, what wit. Gosh is she smart. Her response to an Al Queda attack, "What am I supposed to do? Its all Bush's fault."