What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 21, 2007

Now this is a puff piece!

Those who thought that The New York Times article on Mayor Luke Ravenstahl earlier this month was a real puff piece might want to read today's article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to see what real puffery is all about.

Nearly 60 paragraphs in length, only one paragraph is devoted to Ravenstahl's cock-ups.

The rest is family friends and Councilman Motznik praising the Boy Wonder -- and in the case of the family friends, the emphasis (like his campaign lit) is on the boy.

He could tell time when he was three years old! He was Cool Hand Luke on the B-Ball court in the seventh or eighth grade! And on and on...

It should also be noted that Motznik repeats the fiction that Luke created the 311 line.

The sub-headline states: "Pittsburgh's 27-year-old mayor says the election focus should be on his record, not the controversies in which he's found himself." Funny that, aren't the controversies part of his record?

The article also recounts Ravenstahl's deep family political roots and quotes Ravenstahl saying, "I became a Democratic committeeman when I became 18 and eligible to vote."

That sure sounds like to me that he was appointed and not elected (a birthday gift?). Anyone know for certain?

Also my burning question (posed here at Mayo's blog) has been answered: Luke is the oldest boy. His baby pics now have so much more meaning for me!


Sue said...

Thank God I start my Sunday paper reading with the funnies and the employment section. I could not have rationally handled that article first thing. Did Duquesne University take over the Post-Gazette's pledge-drive? Geez

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Yeah, that one was a pretty bag article. The fact that Motznik was featured so much is disturbing. And for those who say that Motznik wasn't Luke's mentor, the article said he spent 6 months in Motznik's office, just watching and learning. We can't really blame Luke, he had a bad mentor...

Anonymous said...

Well, in Luke's defense, he only flies off the handle and swears at people during Steelers' games, as opposed to his mentor, who seems to bluster for bluster's sake.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree, the media is way too easy on Mayor Ravenstahl. I'm so sick of every article about him being pure fluff. I can't remember a single time they've criticized him.

This is so absurd, the paper printed a positive article about both candidates, I don't understand the indignation. He gets lambasted daily for minutia, and the minute they print a piece about his family, life, and accomplishments, there's uproar. Perhaps its time to give the mayor a fair chance.