What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 25, 2007

Political Petition Taken Down at Police Headquarters

According to a WTAE TV news report this morning (no link yet) Police Chief Nate Harper had a petition taken down in Police headquarters which supported interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and disagreed with the FOP's endorsement of rival Mark DeSantis. (Early Returns noted that the city's Ethics Handbook states that all "city employees are prohibited from engaging in political activity during work hours and at all times in City offices.")

The petition had five signatures on it.

Impressive! [/snark]


The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Wow, so we know Luke is going to get at least 9 votes in the election--those five officers, plus Motznik, himself, his wife, and Matt H.

Matt H said...

I hear that the petition that was taken down was the start of a second page. The 1st was was already filled up with names. This was a new one.