What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 31, 2007

Tricks and Treats

Hey! There's some blogger chick out there named PittGirl. The Post-Gazette interviews her here.

Hey! There's other female bloggers in the Burgh too. You can read about them in another Post-Gazette article here.

The links in the above mentioned article to Ms. Adventures on the Mon and to some blog called 2 Political Junkies do not work.

No hits for you!


Sherry said...

i was surprised to see the article.

i think it was cool to have the blogs mentioned.

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

I am always glad to see you mentioned by the mainstream media. You deserve a lot more of that -- you know how I feel about you.

It does seem strange, though, to give special treatment to women bloggers -- since most of the serious bloggers (the ones who update regularly) seem to be -- WOMEN! You women write better than we do (except for Chad Hermann), and you update more frequently (except for Carbolic Smoke Ball). The fact is, if there's ever a gender-oriented article in the mainstream media (unless its about how boys have become stupid or males are committing violent crimes), it's generally gynocentric. (I've seen Women's Health sections in newspapers where the story will be "Men need more sleep than women." So why is it just "Women's" Health if it affects men, too? And don't men have health?) This is more common than people realize.

The more immediate point is that the article doesn't mention our blog even though we have three regular female contributors (including our principal Steelers writer). Heck, why didn't David's presence here disqualify this blog from being mentioned? I'm glad it didn't.

I like the author of the article, but I didn't like the article, and yes, I do feel slighted.

Sherry said...

if i bake you some cookies will you feel better?

i never looked at it from a man's view. phooey, and here i thought i was an equal opportunity left leaning tree hugging poet. ; )

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

Thanks, Sherry. You are my favorite commentator.

I voiced my concerns to Mackenzie Carpenter at the Post-Gazette (I am a fan of hers), and she sent me a very thoughtful note that made me rethink my position. She was sorry that she was unaware about our female contributors, and I am quite certain from her response that she would have mentioned them had she known. She understood my point about the "gynocentric" coverage in the print media, but then she mentioned one thing that made me rethink my position: sports section. She got me! That's a big chunk of coverage that is largely geared to men. I do agree with her also that blogging started out as a largely male endeavor; it is moving the other way now. I think in time, the women will clearly overtake us because you all write better than the men (not me and Chad Hermann, but the other men).

Let this be a lesson to all: the Judge doesn't know EVERYTHING.

Sherry said...

you are too sweet. : )