What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 30, 2007

Two Bizarre Phone Calls

I got two weird calls this morning.

The first was a message on my machine. I'm used to Jehovah Witnesses occasionally coming to my door, now they're leaving messages on my phone inviting me to meetings.

The second call I picked up live. It was a recorded message that purported to be a poll. It went something like this:

We have a mayors race. If you are going to vote for Ravenstahl press 1, DeSantis press 2, Olivia press 3, Scott press 4, if you want to keep your choice private press 5. There's also a controllers race. If you're for Lamb press 6, etc.
OK, When the message began, I was excited. Maybe someone was conducting an independent poll!

But as the message continued I thought it odd that they didn't indicate who was conducting the poll. Lots of times polls do not indicate who's paying for the poll, but they at least give the name of a market research outfit.

I really started to wonder when the "poll" seemingly wouldn't let you vote for both mayor and controller -- what's up with that?

There was no pause to vote for mayor before controller and at the end it said to press zero to leave your email address if you wanted the results of the poll.

At some point in listening to the message, I thought that it sounded a bit like Mark Rauterkus.

I pressed 2 for DeSantis at the end of the message but that didn't allow me to also press o.

Was it you, Mark?

I don't really know how the poll could even be functional.



The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Digitized poll. It's easier to run them with volunteers. When I first read it, I thought that perhaps it was a push poll. Doesn't sound like it.

I wonder what the results were.

Maria said...

Given how the poll was set up, I can't see how the results would be accurate and that's without even knowing how the sampling was conducted.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm doing polling now. Thousands of calls have gone out. More as we speak and to come.

At the end of the poll, it asks if you'd like to get the results, push "O" for operator. Takes 62 seconds total.

I'm calling into different sections of the city with all parties, etc.

No news to report as to outcomes, yet.

The phone replies are counted:
1 for Ravenstahl,
2 for Desantis
3 for Oliva
4 for the Socialist, R. Scott
5 for undecided in Mayor's race
6 for privacy tally

7 for Lamb
8 for Rauterkus
9 for undecided in Controller's race

The script is according to the ballot and neutral. It wasn't a push poll. It will be valid.

Did you 'play along?' I'm not going to check the logs tonight.

BTW, for quicker replies, ping me at Mark@Rauterkus.com. Then I'll get back here more quickly.

Maria said...

I pressed 0 and didn't get anything.

I didn't call it a push poll.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Re-read the posting....

The poll takes multiple votes on the same call for both mayor and controller. Just push the button and the tally is noted.

Sorry you were confused. Many, many folks are doing just fine with the instructions.

Mark Rauterkus said...

At "O" the operator voice (different, female) says leave a message, beep, and it is a reverse answering machine type function.

If you want a 'do over' (to absorb the script and such) -- email me. I'll send you a call tomorrow. Give good times.

Likewise for others.

Results will have the poll's script audio with summary.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Just checked, people are leaving messages today.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

That's cool you're doing a poll Mark. I know you wouldn't do push polling. But if people are going to do push polling (and I've been the recipient of a few) the digitized programming is how it works. You press 2 for the candidate they don't want, and you get, "Did you know..."

Still, that technology is good technology and can be used for the common good, which you are doing. Best of luck next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I received a "robo" poll call from the DeSantis campaign this evening.

Wondering what the results will be?

It was a simple, Who will you vote for in the Mayoral election, poll and the choices.

Bram Reichbaum said...

So you can hit 1 for Luke, and then 6 for Lamb, and both will be recorded?

What happens if I push 2 for DeSantis, and then keep hammering in 222222222222...

Maria said...

Of course, I do know of someone who received the call and "voted" who won't be voting next week. With polling of this type you have NO IDEA who's responding, it could be a 12 year-old who picks up the phone. Also, again, no idea how representative the sample is to begin with.