What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 22, 2007

WTAE's Mayoral Debate

The other political junkie attended the debate live so I'll let him do the big write-up, but my impressions are as follows.

No real fireworks though DeSantis and Ravenstahl accused each other of not answering questions and Ravenstahl accused DeSantis of "selling the city down the river" regarding the police union.

A couple of things that I didn't understand:
- I assume that when Ravenstahl said he became an ACDC member at age 15 that that was just a slip as he's said before that he was 18 -- but then I mix up some stuff that happened in my teen years too.

- Ravenstahl claimed that he was "proud of what the Democratic Party stands for" but since it's pro choice and he isn't I guess he allows himself some wiggle room.

- I still don't get how Luke thinks that opening the firefighters' contract would cost the city money especially when he said that after they had discussed an upcoming report that was expected to recommend closing down some stations...
I just got a call from David who has something very interesting to say about what happened right after the debate ended...

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

What happened? WHAT HAPPENED??? That is an awfully tantalizing tease to just leave standing!!!

dayvoe said...

It's posted! IT'S POSTED!

Oh, wait. If you see this you've probably already read what I posted above.

Never mind.

Richmond K. Turner said...

All that's well and good, but Maria still hasn't revealed who this mystery group of possible DeSantis suporters, who are apparently "also good with weapons", really are.

My money is still on the ninjas.