What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 31, 2007

End of the Year Round Up

From the AP:
The second half of 2007 saw violence drop dramatically in Iraq, but the progress came at a high price: The year was the deadliest for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion, with 899 troops killed
If I admit the first part that "2007 saw violence drop dramatically", how long will I be waiting to hear the cheerleaders of dubya's bloody war to admit the second, that 2007 "was the deadliest [year] for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion"?

Any takers?

But it's not only the surge at play here:
Two critical shifts that boosted U.S.-led forces in 2007 _ a self-imposed cease-fire by a main Shiite militia and a grassroots Sunni revolt against extremists _ could still unravel unless serious unity efforts are made by the Iraqi government.
That's what General Petraeus was talking about when he said things were "reversible" in Iraq.

Meanwhile Privacy International, a human rights group based in London and formed as a watchdog on privacy invasions by governments and corporations released a report calling the US an "endemic survillance society."

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

John K. says: What are you lefties going to do in March when Gen. Petreaus testifies again? Run another Gen. Betrayus ad? LOL LOL or will Reid/Schumer/Murtha say, "Yo, General, we knew you could do it and have supported you all along."

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Poor Wingnuts. Here we are at the end of ANOTHER year where thing have gone disastrously bad for both Americans and Iraqis and the only thing that they can crow about is that violence is temporarily down -- the thing that their very own hero says might not last.

Poor Wingnuts. They think that if they keep referring to the General BetrayUs ad that it will turn into something it never was.

Poor Wingnuts. The only way they can get any traction is to question the patriotism of actual war heros like Murtha and Kerry while sucking up to traitors and deserters like Cheney and Bush.

Being a Laughing Chickenhawk must be such a painful way to live. And being a Wingnut means never having to say you're crazy. Everyone knows it without saying it.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Interesting what the left considers a 'war hero'. Sen. Kerry lied about his Vietnam service. Told bold faced lies and Rep. Murtha has yet to rescind his false statements about Haditha. But when you are a left wing kook, those facts only get in the way. LMAO Gen. Petreaus is the Man! Run another Gen Betrayus ad lefties and call yourselves patriots. LMAO You lost.

Anonymous said...

John K-

Why do you hate the United States Navy? The US Navy awarded John Kerry those medals (do YOU have any medals John K?). It's not just the opinion of the Democratic party that John Kerry is a war hero, it's the US NAVY that said so.

Why do you hate the US Navy?


Still no comment on being pwned about Major Andre, huh?

Schmuck Shitrock said...

how long will I be waiting to hear the cheerleaders of dubya's bloody war to admit the second, that 2007 "was the deadliest [year] for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion
Dayvoe, I want you to make a New Year's resolution to abandon your hopeless hopes that Wingnuts might make contact with reality. If you still think that's possible, read John K's last post. Even when he composes a complete sentence, it's full of Glenn Beck's delusions.

Happy New Year to all, even -- no, especially -- the Wingnuts whose inability to think or read makes this such an amusing blog.

Cheer up John K., XRanger, Mononucleosis, CH, Moosie, Carolyn. Maybe in 2008 medical science will discover a cure for Neoconservatism.

Anonymous said...

John K.says: Read carefully anonymous. Something you seem to be unable to do. Did not say I hated Kerry, said he was a liar. He did not drive a swift boat into Cambodia on Christmas 1968 as he stated in his bio. His bio, and this is funny, was rewritten three times by Douglas Brinkley. LMAO. So Kerry, the big time hero, is a liar. This also causes me to question what else he did. Anyone seen Murtha? Anyone? No murder charges in Haditha. None. Murtha alert, anyone seen him or is this big time hero ducking the fire? LMAO I win!

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Oh, I enjoy slapping you left wing kooks around with a dose of reality. LMAO, by the way you lefties going to support our troops by denying them access to high schools and blocking recruiting stations? LMAO That is funny. Slap!

nnot-shitrock said...

John K;

And still NOTHING about getting it so so wrong on Major Andre...



Schmuck Shitrock said...

John K. says: Major Andre? Who's Major Andre? Did somebody mention Major Andre? I never mentioned Major Andre! Major Andre has nothing to do with anything!

I win again!

Not-Chitrock said...

John K;

I have REPEATEDLY challenged you on other postings about your complete fabrications regarding Major Andre and yet you remain silent.

You got it wrong then. Why should we believe ANYTHING you say now?


xranger said...

Happy New Year, John Schmuck. I saw my name taken in vain earlier in this post, and thought this was as good a place to post my 2008 predictions:

1. Republicans will close the gap in the Congress, possibly taking over control of the House.

2. The economy has one more good year left - no recession in '08.

3. The major topics for the general election, after the conventions (in this order): 1. Economy, 2. National security, 3. Healthcare, 4. Iraq.

4. Romney defeats Clinton for president.

Now remember, if I have 50%+ correct, you can call me "xranger: boy genius."

If not, well, you'll find something to call me.

John Schmuck said...

Happy New Year back atcha, X.

Unlike many, I don't try to prognosticate in areas where I have litte expertise based on insufficient information. Having said that, my gut tells me it would be very risky to argue with any of your predictions.

Re: #1 & #4 -- Voters will probably decide that if they're going to get screwed by Republicans, it might as well be politicians who are honest enough to admit to being Republicans. Not honest about anything else, mind you, but...

Re: #2 -- Dunno. Some economists say effects of the massive debt Bush has run up will start driving interest rates through the roof and kill the economy in 2008, some say not until 2009. It won't matter all that much to our grandkids.

Re: #3 -- Inasmuch as the right-wing media determines what the major topics of conversation are, you could be correct. But my guesses would be (in no particular order):

-- Jamie Lynn Spears's pregnancy.
-- Hillary Clinton's murder of Vince Foster.
-- Travelgate.
-- Romney's cultish beliefs.
-- Bill Clinton's sex life.

Iraq is no longer a topic of conversation, even though American kids keep dying and 19% of Iraqi kids are orphans. If violence goes up again when Bush starts running low on cannon fodder, Iraq may move a bit higher.

The economy? People with big money keep telling the sheep that it's OK that their wages are falling and the sheep reply with the comment, "Don't baaaaaa-ther me. I'm listening to my iPod."

Universal healthcare will never happen regardless of the political talk. Too much money, too many Harry and Louise ads oppose it. And since every viable candidate on both sides is snugly in bed with the insurance industry. You can't blame the insurance companies: why should they spend money paying for medical care for poor people when they can get you and me to pay for it?

As for what we're going to call you, I won't go there on a family blog. (:^}