What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 28, 2007

A thought

Benazir Bhutto
1953- 2007

While much can (and will) be said pro and con about Benazir Bhutto, it is hard to imagine many of our own candidates for president being willing to risk their own very lives for democracy. And, it is completely impossible to imagine the current residents of the White House doing so.

(Most crass use of Bhutto's death by a candidate for president so far: Huckabee's warning to watch out for "any unusual activity of Pakistanis coming into the country" to demonstrate his new found religion on border security and illegal immigrants.)


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Now every time President Bush says he is trying to bring democracy to that region you left wingers laugh and tell him it can't be done. Make up your minds. By the way, Bhutto was sent into exile because she had corruption charges against her. Sounds like a liberal to me.

Anonymous said...

The question that's most pressing to me is to what extent the ISI and/or military were involved in this and the attempt on Nawaz Sharif. I may be presumptuous in assuming that they had any role in all of this, but given their reputation I'd say it's a fair question to ask.

- Shawn

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

I disagree, every major US Presidential candidate runs knowing that some loony tune with a gun could kill them. The risks are higher for several candidates this year (Romney, Obama, and Clinton) for various reasons. I may disagree with them on policy, but I respect their decision to run, and the bravery it shows. I hope all remain safe through the election.

Sherry said...

i know that there is always a risk for any high profile person, not only political figures but she knew, KNEW that being killed was almost assured if she went back and she did anyway. she did it for her country. she could have remained safe and famous and wealthy and enjoyed her life and family but she chose to try to bring her country into "modernity"
(her word) she also knew that as a woman, she faced more danger at this than if she had been a man and yet she returned.

i think that is much more heroic than a presidential candidate.

oh, and no one here said she was a saint by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, John K!

Still no comment on how you got pwned a few days ago?


You were completely and 100% wrong about Major Andre, weren't you? When are you going to admit it?


What a numbnut!


I win!

Omnitheist said...

What happened yesterday was a terrible tragedy, another example of how dangerous this world is becoming.

Shawn, you suggested the ISI or the security forces could have been involved in the attack on Benazir. While its possible jihadists have infiltrated those elements, it wouldn't make any sense if anyone in the Pakistani gov't was involved...


Well, last week, an almost identical attack was carried out against an ally of Musharraf who was praying inside a mosque. Some sixty worshippers were killed when a suicide attacker blew himself up. All signs point to a radical cleric named Baitullah Mehsud or the Lashkar e jhangvi terrorists group in these attacks, whether they be against Musharraf, Benazir, or Pakistani civilians. On my blog, www.unitedworldforpeace.blogspot.com, I have condemned these conspiracies against musharraf repeatedly.

Also, the ISI has been the target of several bombings this year as well.

Yesterday's events were just another example of how dangerous the threat of militant political islam really is.

MK said...

Huckabee's height of insensitivity is rivaled only by Giuliani's remarks on the subject, which were something along the lines of, "I feel like I can understand what they're going through in Pakistan, because it happened to us six years ago."

Anonymous said...

John K. says: How I got pwned? What is shitrock talking about? Anyone here that can decifer this loon, help me out. Shitrock, did you ever research out who Major Andre was? It's been what two weeks. Google it already.

Not Shitrock said...

John K!

I'm not Shitrock, by the way.

You said that Major Andre had been hanged by George Washington without a trial in a discussion where you were trying to prove that Shitrock didn't know anything about history. I think you were trying to prove that Washington executed a POW without a trial, thus proving to us lefties how wrong we were for saying it was wrong to torture POWs.

Too bad YOU were wrong about Major Andre


Washington convened a board to try Andre and they found him guilty of espionage. The vote was unanimous.

If you got such a simple fact completely ass-backwards WRONG, why should we trust anything your wingnut brain says from now on?



I win!

--Not Shitrock

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Hey, Not Shitrock: Take it a little easy on the Laughing Chickenhawk, OK? If you keep pointing out how stupid he is, he may get angry and go away. We wouldn't want that to happen.

Not Shitrock said...


You may be right.

I just LOVE the fact that I caught him in such a ridiculously huge blunder. I want to rub his nose in it everytime he tries to LOL here.

But I'll back off a little.

I just want to go on record with it one last time.


John K got pwned BY ME. And the pwnage was brutal.


Schmuck Shitrock said...

I can't blame you, Not Me.

Anonymous said...

Omni, Mehsud's name, and groups like the Jaish-e-Muhammed (sic?) have been mentioned as suspects. Still, I ask, is the ISI a unified whole or an organization with a few pro-salafist/Taliban types who were/are in a position to aid and abet Pakistani militants? I may be wrong, but I still can't help that's there's more, much more, going on in Pakistan than meets the eye, including a few worms in Pakistan's intelligence apple.

omnitheist said...

There's no question that there is a lot more going on in Pakistan than meets the eye. As I said, its very likely that taliban and al-qaeda sympathizers have infiltrated the ISI and the security forces. However, my criticism earlier was directed at the people who suggest Musharraf ordered the attack, which is just crazy, seeing as these bombers have targeted him repeatedly.

I think that these unprecedented attacks across pakistan, including the killing of Bhutto and the attempted killing of Sherpao, are the work of a broad coalition of home-grown and foreign terrorists seeking to plunge the country into conflict and topple the government.