What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 26, 2007

Why didn't Lincoln think of that?

If only he could have had Ron Paul to help him:



djhlights said...

Ron Paul must have gotten the same history degree that Bush got.

Lincoln didn't start the Civil War. The southern states split before he was sworn in and the south attacked Fort Sumter. Lincoln called for a volunteer army and four more southern states left.

So if Lincoln left it alone the south would be the CSA and the nation would be split.

Anonymous said...

It's not really relevant anymore, but it is fun to imagine what could have happened. I wonder how economically viable the CSA could have been. Could the US use sanctions or tariffs to encourage CSA states to rejoin the US , on the condition they abolish slavery? Would the US need produce from the CSA more than the CSA needs manufactured goods from the US? How would the value of CSA money compare to US dollars? There are many variables and anything is possible.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

DJ is right. The confederates fired the first shots at Fort Sumter in 1861. Also, it was the confederates--led by South Carolina--that seceded from the union BEFORE Lincoln was ever President. They didn't like the results of the election, so they said they could just leave. Would Paul advise the west Coast plus Hawaii and every state from Iowa to Maine (except Indiana) to secede because of the 2000 election? Didn't thin so. I'll say one thingk about Paul: he adheres to his principles, but his principles are really far out there.

If you want to lay blame for the Civil War and for a President's failure to act in its nascent stages, lay the blame at the door of President Buchanan, who had six months between the first secession and Lincoln's inauguration, and did absolutely nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

John K. says Right you are. But has anyone tried to convince the Libertarians of this. Rauterkus will remove any negative references to Ron Paul and his spoken words from his site. LOL LOL He is funny.

Valentully said...

I can say how slavery ended at my country (Brasil, or as you may write it, Brazil).
Journalists started the abolition of slavery discussions in then Second Empire. The Abolitionist Movement had a hard time, since the landlords were the real political powers over the noblemen and court.
Heiress princess Isabel had fond on their ideas, but couldn't do much. One day, in her wedding ball, her phisician, whose was a former slave, tried to ask some ladies to the waltz and they laugh at him out loud. Angry, Isabel left her fiancé aside for a moment and asked herself to dance with him, what, for social rules, obligated the noblemaids to do the same, hehehe. When Emperor Peter get vacations in Europe, Isabel got a chance. The previous laws against slavery all sunk. Free Venter: every child born is free - but lawyers used some blank points to make it useless. it became: "You are free IF you pay for it with slave work untill your owner say you paid enough". Septuagenary - every slave is free when it became a 60 old - ridicullous, life spam for free men were then 68 year, and for slaves 45! SO, when Isabel had her chance, she did it in the only way a lawyer can't distort. Signed the Lei Áurea (Golden Law) that stated simply: "Since this date of May 13, slavery is extinguised in all Brazillian territories. Cease any dispositions against it".
A marquise said that "With one signature, you lost your crown", but she smilled and replied "But, my dearlord. I also put an end to an overlasting monstruosity."
In true, the furious slaveless landowners, aside with Emperor Peter arresting a bishop for mistreating some masons years before and the uneasy army angry with their salary were the three basis of Republic.
So, slavery can end without war, but justice never came for free.
Here, even nowadays, it's said that Isabel did wrong, because people would, sometime, start a revolution for aboliton. Many civil rights institutes and thinkers say that when she did it herself, she was nasty, and stolle abolitionists and thinkers the fame and place in history. I think it's a crazy rancor... ¬¬'