What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 16, 2008

Dan and Luke's Excellent Adventure!

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After Dan and Luke wander down the wrong street in Amsterdam, the hijinks begin and they have a real gas with some European geese!

(OK, fine. I saw this when I was already halfway done with mine. Besides, blame it on The Burgher who emailed me the idea last night.)


The Burgher said...


Sherry said...

love it.fun.

"Fair and Balanced" Dave said...

I wonder if Dan and Mayor Opie will sample the wares at any of Amsterdam's "coffee shops"


Anonymous said...

David -

I may have said this before, and far be it from me to stifle anyone's creativity, but I'd leave the satire to Carbolic...and hope to see you continue to spend your time on the incisive reporting you've done...