What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 7, 2008

In Case You Missed It

Yesterday in the Washington Post, Former Senator George McGovern calls for President Bush and Vice President Cheney to be Impeached.

He isn't optimistic about the possibility:
Of course, there seems to be little bipartisan support for impeachment. The political scene is marked by narrow and sometimes superficial partisanship, especially among Republicans, and a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians. So the chances of a bipartisan impeachment and conviction are not promising.
Unfortunately, he's right. But soon enough, he gets down to business:
Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses. They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly "high crimes and misdemeanors," to use the constitutional standard.
The details? The "murderous illegal war in Iraq" done without a constitutionally mandated declaration of war from Congress, that the war is in defiance of the UN charter and is in violation of international law. Oh, and he also mentions that the use of torture is in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

After asking the rhetorical question "how could this happen"? We get this:

It happened in part because the Bush-Cheney team repeatedly deceived Congress, the press and the public into believing that Saddam Hussein had nuclear arms and other horrifying banned weapons that were an "imminent threat" to the United States. The administration also led the public to believe that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks -- another blatant falsehood. Many times in recent years, I have recalled Jefferson's observation: "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."

The basic strategy of the administration has been to encourage a climate of fear, letting it exploit the 2001 al-Qaeda attacks not only to justify the invasion of Iraq but also to excuse such dangerous misbehavior as the illegal tapping of our telephones by government agents. The same fear-mongering has led government spokesmen and cooperative members of the press to imply that we are at war with the entire Arab and Muslim world -- more than a billion people.

Then there's the mismanagement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I'll let the Senator have the last word:
Impeachment is unlikely, of course. But we must still urge Congress to act. Impeachment, quite simply, is the procedure written into the Constitution to deal with presidents who violate the Constitution and the laws of the land. It is also a way to signal to the American people and the world that some of us feel strongly enough about the present drift of our country to support the impeachment of the false prophets who have led us astray. This, I believe, is the rightful course for an American patriot.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Impeach him already! All this talk of calling for him to be...and you just wait, LMAO. You left wing kooks think by saying it is going to happen. Impeach him, no one on the right is going to stop you. We will mock your efforts and have loads of fun doing it. LMAO McGovern calls for impeachment and this blog prints it. LMAO

Schmuck Shitrock said...

John, do you think Major Andre would support impeachment?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Washington Post printed it first.

zak822 said...

What an amazing thing in todays political discourse. Someone actually calling out for Congress to follow the Constitution. What a wonder!

And, us left wing kooks have been right throughout the Bush administration. Nothing President Bush touched has turned to anything but bulls*&#. Only not as useful.

Anonymous said...

Heh Mr. Shitrock

Is Maj. Andre all you have? Your responses to The John K. critter, although unnecessary at all, prove that you can't help but try to irritate and aggravate just like little Johnny. When you actually have a real point then your contribution to this blog may be meaningful. Otherwise it's verbal masturbation. There's medication for guys like you and I kindly suggest that you seek it out.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

With few exceptions, the Democrats care as much about the constitution as the Republicans do, which is to say, not at all. They care about getting elected and nothing more.

Idiots like John K. embrace the entire thing. Their is no concern about the rapid decay of our political system, yet alone other social and economic systems. It's all about who "wins."

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Yes, shitrock, you verbal masturbator, get some new material, like "verbal masturbation," which, in my opinion, is greatly underutilized on the interwebs.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Anon 11:00: Success in life depends so much on self-sufficiency, so I'll suggest that you do own research. Check out the hundreds of posts I have placed on this web and get back to us about whether Major Andre is all have to offer. I have A LOT of stuff out there that's far more boring and mundane than the Major Andre schtick. For example, I also have the Laughing Chickenhawk thing, the Mein Heir thing, the "Dems are no better than the Repugnicans" thing, and the "people who post anonymously are cowards" thing. See? My versatility is unmatched where it comes to being silly and ineffective.

BTW, what sort of masturbation do you prefer?

Fillippelli: Verbal masturbation is better than no masturbation at all, wouldn't you agree?

John K: Did Major Andre practice verbal masturbation or some other kind?

C.H. said...

Here we go again...

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you libs sound? Terrorists are slaughtering innocent people all over the world and you rant about how evil the president is.

Even Reid and Pelosi recognize that fact that Bush is not the true enemy, seeing as no one save for a few kook-fringe leftists who are just as nutty as you actually want impeachment in congress.

Impeaching the president would be the stupidest thing we could do...almost as stupid as declaring the war lost while Al-Qaeda does everything to sabotage the efforts to rebuild the country.

Wait a second, the dems have already done that...maybe they would be willing to give impeachment a try. Then again, they'll never get the votes even if they wanted it.

Leftists, you guys really make me laugh.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Leftists, you guys really make me laugh.

No, no, you're not doing it right. You don't just SAY we make you laugh. You're supposed to put in a bunch of "LMAOs" and "LOLs." This kind of heterodoxy could cost you the "The Surge Is Working Evangelist of the Month" prize.

But wait a minute. If the war is being won as you say, how is that "terrorists are slaughtering innocent people all over the world?" Wouldn't that mean that we are losing the war?

And if "Al-Qaeda does everything to sabotage the efforts to rebuild the country," how is that we are winning?

I'm just a stupid, looney lib. I'm not a sane, all-knowing Believer like you. Please enlighten me.

Joshua David Hall said...

kinda late, isn't it? I mean, he's only got a few more months and it's going to take that long anyway.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Ooh, I forgot some other activities in which you shouldn't engage, schmuck:

- fanatical felatio
- outlandish oral

and, last but not least

- craven cunnilingus

In other words, stop it, you f@#$!!

C.H. said...


I said WORLD not Iraq. Have you seen what's happening in Algeria, Pakistan, and Somalia lately?

Nevertheless, even amidst the dramatic turnaround of events happening in Iraq Al-Qaeda will continue to try and offset the success. Sadly, you libs will be their with your news cameras to pipe it into the homes of every American so you can get out your hateful anti-ush rhetoric, which plays right into their hands...

It really makes me sick...

Schmuck Shitrock said...

It really makes me sick...

I hope you feeling better soon. We wouldn't want you vomiting in public like Limbaugh and O'Reilly.

Smitty said...

what a waste of good space

Lady Liberty said...

I don't know what rock you've been living under but it's about time you come up and catch a breath or two!
Are you actually suggesting that we Americans, who truly love this country, continue to ignore the criminal actions of these imposters holding office, who, by the way, are supposed to love this country and fight to preserve our Rights as American citizens...and... Not to continue to trample on them; not to spit on our Constitution; or are we to believe as you, that it is acceptable to be reduced to the indignations we have suffered because no one will force an action?
Now...do you know how ridiculous YOU sound? Or are you so used to hearing your own crap that you've gotten used to those 'pies' you stand so proud upon to spew your ignorance and obvious hatred for this country?
Maybe it's just late and I'm really tired or maybe...just maybe...I'm reading the rantings of a lunatic.
Yeah, I'll go with the latter.

Lady Liberty said...

Right. They are war mongers, fear mongers, control mongers.
They neither understand nor care about this country and around every corner, every deceitful act...they have been ignored, as we have. As our Rights have. Ours and our childrens future, have.
This Administration is a disgrace and I don't believe anyone can argue that.
They have made a mockery of our Justice System and destroyed the spirit of a once great country.
But, I continue to fight the good fight and to hope.

Thank You for this post.

EdHeath said...

Look, the surge is working in the sense that we have shifted many of the deaths this year to the Iraqis (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/06/opinion/06chart.html). We've lost fewer but not zero solidiers to hostile fire and bombs in the second half of this year. As far as I know, the Iraqi government has taken few, perhaps no steps to consolidate its relative position of strength. So while the surge has given American solidiers some breathing room (at the expense of Iraqi security forces), it has accomplished nothing permanent. So let's not talk about victory in Iraq yet.
It is probably not possible to impeach the president because of the climate of fear in the country. Someone will say that impeachment is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, probably the same people who say Americans should sacrifice no comforts in this time of war (except for the poor people who sacrifice their children to death or dismemberment, but we are well on our way to making sure they can't vote anyway). Too bad,a creative lawyer couldprobably find some creative and entertaining grounds for impeachment.

Anonymous said...

"creative lawyer" = everything that's bad for our legal system.
You must think before you emote.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

a creative lawyer couldprobably find some creative and entertaining grounds for impeachment
A kindergartener recently enrolled in a program for the profoundly challenged could easily find grounds for impeachment while wearing a blindfold, having a bowel movement, and suffering with a migraine headache.

"creative lawyer" = everything that's bad for our legal system.
Funny you should bring up Alberto Gonzales in a discussion about impeachment.

You must think before you emote.
Emotions are usually not based in rationality, rational thoughts are not usually related to emotion.

xranger said...

I'm thinking a creative lawyer, or even the aforementioned kindergartner, would have already put forth an impeachment bill, if there were any grounds for said impeachment. And, the Dems certainly tried to find some form of smoke...anything at all. Nada.

Nice try, though.

BTW, didn't McGovern die years ago? Man, he's been around since Christ was a corporal.

Aharon said...

It's pretty funny how CH tries to have a legitmate debate with the creatures at Dayvoe and Maria's zoo of haters. I just like to throw hit n' run porkchops on a stick and leave it in their cage. Has Shitrock been fed yet? What about Fabs the cook?

Schmuck Shitrock said...

I'm thinking a creative lawyer, or even the aforementioned kindergartner, would have already put forth an impeachment bill, if there were any grounds for said impeachment.

Well, if the lawyer was Nancy Pelosi, sure; but others might have noticed such trivia as lying us into a disastrous war, conspiracy to commit treason, and violating the Constitution. Oh, and didn't Bush ever get a hummer?

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Aharon: As a matter of fact, I HAVE been fed. Had a bunch o' Wingnuts for lunch. Thanks for your concern, but as long as we have folks like you around, I'll never be hungry.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Well, aharon, since you care so much about "legitimate debate," I don't think it starts by saying "Leftists, you guys really make me laugh." Sounds like an insult, not a legitimate way to debate, so the responses come in kind.

But, since you're being such a whiny bitch about it, CH's points are, let's say, weak.

If terrorists are busying slaughtering people all over the world, why are we not in THOSE PLACES fighting them, instead of bogged down in a civil war in Iraq where the VAST MAJORITY of the death is a result of sectarian violence?

If he's so worried about terrorists, why no complaints from CH about how the U.S. is arming some of the same Sunnis who have most likely killed American troops -- which I would say qualifies them as terrorists?

If CH is so worried about terrorists and the harm they can do, then why isn't he or any other "rightist" out there leading the charge to call for far more investments in tracking down all of the loose nukes out there? Certainly we don't want terrorists getting their hands on them, and certainly they are trying. Oh, that's right, John Kerry made that point a few years back, and you couldn't possibly agree with that medal-winning flip-flopper.

If CH is so concerned about the terrorists slaughtering the innocents, why no complaints about the head terrorist, OBL, still being free? You know, the guy Bush let go, the one Bush doesn't really "think about" anymore.

If CH is so concerned about the terrorists, why not complain about how the Bush "administration" hasn't done a motherfucking thing to squelch one of the primary sources of funding for terrorists all over the world, Saudi Arabia?

George Bush has been terrorists' biggest ally! He has helped their cause with his lie-infused, ineptly run invasion of Iraq, now the single most effective recruiting tool OBL has. Because of the Iraq war, our army is now broken, the borders are still not secure, airport security is a joke, canisters on ships come into this country every day without being checked -- all of which make this country more susceptible to terrorists attacks and has dramatically damaged our ability to respond to such attacks.

In other words, don't tell me who the enemy is. I have seen him and his cronies, and the terrorists of which CH speak love him and will be sad to the see the day he leaves office.

Good enough for you, aharon?

And, BTW, you're right, I am a fab cook and an even better whigsboy.

C.H. said...

Wow Fellipelli...

A fabulous cook, a left-wing loon, AND a Middle East Analyst. You sure can do it all!

However though, there is one thing I cannot stand, and that's when people try to force me to stand up for positions I have never argued for.

Example: I am not a "rightist". I have no affiliation with the republican party or any conservative movement. I stand up for what I believe is morally correct. If "rightist" means "one who stands up for right over wrong", then I guess I am one. If it means far-right, I am most definetely not.

The "sectarian civil war" we are bogged down in was intentionally triggered by OBL and Uncle Ayman's henchmen in an attempt to turn the liberation of Iraq into a cauldron of death. Iran and mookie al-sadr have also done the same thing.

You people put me into the postition of having to defend George Bush, it's not something I do on a regular basis. The fact is, I believe that the free world has an obligation to take a stand against genocide and the slaughter of innocent people, which is why I defend the USA going into Iraq. ALl of this WMD crap no longer matters anymore. FYI...The most advanced intelligence agencies in the world, inlcuding the MI5 and the Mossad, also suggested Saddam had weapons.

So basically Fellipelli the cook/middle east analyst thinks it would be a good idea to leave Iraq at the mercy of Iran, Al-Qaeda, and the Mahdi army while marching into waziristan to track down Bin Laden. By the way, as John Mccain says, Waziristan is one of the most hostile places in the world. Pakistani soldiers can't go in there without being bombed, shot at, or kidnapped. How do you think American GI's would be treated if we went in there?

Also, while it would be a very symbolic victory and serve as closure for the families of the victims of 9/11, killing or capturing Bin Laden would NOT change the situation in the world. Al-Qaeda has branched out into multiple independent groups, including the salafist terror orgs in Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Somalia. While they all believe in the same murderous ideology, killing the leader of one or badly crippling one will not erase the threat completely. Therefore, Bin Laden is not the proverbial head of the snake he is made out to be.

I do agree with you that Bush has made mistakes in the war on terror, but his actions are not to blame. Al-Qaeda has been able to grow by feeding off of the divisive rhetoric spewed out by the democrats and the American left who are hellbent on failure in Iraq...just so they can have the satisfaction of bringing down GWB. One of the reasons Al-Qaeda has set off so many bombs in Iraqi cities is so they can get it piped into the homes of every American who will in turn buy into the "It's a hopeless civil war" misconception.

It's funny how you people want to get tough with Saudi Arabia and condemn the efforts of the US military to reach out to former insurgents in Iraq, yet you think that Iran is a country we can talk to and reach an understanding with. While the Saudis have not done enough to curb the rogue clerics preaching Islamic domination in mosques across the country, it is government policy in Iran to support terrorists, including groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. Iran and its proxies are by far and away the biggest threat facing the world, in addition to the coaltion of Al-Qaedas that have spread out across the world from morocco to indonesia.

Do you really think that the terrorists would cringe with fear if someone like John Edwards was sworn into office? Do you think a moron like that has what it takes to take on terrorism?

While it is interesting that "Fabs", as Aharon has called him, has taken an interest in Middle East history, I think he should stick to cooking over a stove.

The only weak point I have is thinking that the American left can't get any more out of touch with reality. That one you guys have managed to prove me wrong on time after time...

Schmuck Shitrock said...

The "sectarian civil war" we are bogged down in was intentionally triggered by OBL and Uncle Ayman's henchmen in an attempt to turn the liberation of Iraq into a cauldron of death.

Citation, please.

I believe that the free world has an obligation to take a stand against genocide and the slaughter of innocent people, which is why I defend the USA going into Iraq.

Saudi Arabia is worse. North Korea is worse. I guess the Army's gonna be pretty busy for quite a long time.

It's funny how you people want to get tough with Saudi Arabia

Citation, please.

Al-Qaeda has been able to grow by feeding off of the divisive rhetoric spewed out by the democrats and the American left who are hellbent on failure in Iraq

Citation, please.

The only weak point I have is thinking that the American left can't get any more out of touch with reality.

You shouldn't be so modest. You have dozens of weak points in this post alone. I pointed out just a few above.

Aharon said...

My point has been made...

You can't debate with these people. You need to shove a hit n run insult on a stick and shove it in their cage...

dont even bother to get the stick back, just run or else they'll maul you

crazy american left...

Schmuck Shitrock said...

It's a bitch getting hit with facts, huh? Only crazy lefties would do that to you. Don't they know that Rush preaches the Gospel?