What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 31, 2008

In Case You Missed Keith This Evening


C.H. said...

I'm going to stick with the BBC, Jerusalem Post, and the Pakistan Dawn.

How come you guys condemn o'reilly but embrace this loon?

Anonymous said...

Let me explain this in terms that even a right-wing nutjob can understand: because Olbermann is right and O'Reilly is a lying brownshirt operative of the Repugnican Party.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: LOL LOL LOL OLbermouth is right LMAO O'Reilly is a brown shirt LOL LOL What a way to start the day. The loony left.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

A challenge, C.H. Listen to the special comment and report back with anything that is NOT true, and please back it up with some evidence that it's NOT true.

I can listen to falafel boy or any of his ilk on TV or talk radio and point out a demonstrable falsehood typically within 5-10 minutes.

Although, that could be a challenge for you, given that you seem to think global warming is just some issue Al Gore uses to make himself famous and isn't real. I guess, for you, all of those studies and receding ice caps and disappearing islands aren't enough evidence to overcome the oil-company funded hacks trotted out by Faux news and the WSJ editorial page to claim otherwise.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

I hope you're not expecting a response, Fill. These Ultras aren't impressed by facts. They're faith-based, remember?

If Bill sez it, it's true whether or not it corresponds to reality, because they have faith in Bill. If Keith sez it, it's false even though the Pope himself confirms it, because Bill tells them not to have faith in Keith.

Personally, if Bill mentions that the sky is blue, I'm making a trip to the livingroom window.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Hey, John K, look, we're winning:

At home

In Iraq

And in Afghanistan

Time for lots of hearty guffaws and champagne!

Anonymous said...

John K. says: It is odd to ponder the mind of a left wing kook. In their brains everyone but them is a liar. FOX news never reports anything but lies and Limbaugh tells us all what to think. How odd that the left, the self proclaimed purveyors of the truth, seek with all their political might to silence talk radio and FOX news. And yet they proclaim the moniker of fair and balanced journalism. Remember, on the liberal radio network, 1360, they fired the libertarian Hoerth and replaced him with a conservative woman. Oh my! And always remember, Cullen got fired from KDKA and replaced by Limbaugh. LOL LOL You can't compete in the arena of ideas. So you use Stalinist tactics to shut everyone else up. As O'Reilly says, "What say you." LMAO

Heir to the Throne said...

A challenge,...Listen to the special comment and report back with anything that is NOT true, and please back it up with some evidence that it's NOT true.
Here you go. Olberloon Lying.
Keith Olbermann Caught on Tape Lying About Fox News!

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Quite a specialty you've built for yourself, Mein Heir. You've called three people a liar in the past week or so, with no support for any of them.

Your mother must be so proud.

Heir to the Throne said...

SS, I would guess you did not follow the link.
Olberloon: "Fox never even reported Begala's flat-out, on the record denial."
Then video of Fox reporting Begala's denial.

How is that for support?

Fillippelli the Cook said...

So, wait, Mein Heir. This is the big LIE? That Olbermann mucked up this one item about a potential shakeup in Hillary's campaign staff?

And it would be nice to see some date stamps of who said what when in those clips. Would I be surprised to find out that the Fox News clips ran AFTER Olbermann's segment? Also, I believe that Begala email to which Olbermann was referring was the THIRD time he had told that Fox reporter he was not getting involved in the campaign, so it seems to have taken THREE denials for it finally to get mentioned on Fox News. Probably not the best example to use, but I wouldn't expect much more from you anyway, Mein Heir.

But, of course, Mein Heir didn't find anything incorrect in this special comment, which is what I asked for. Nobody on the right ever answers the question posed, it's always, "Well, look here, at this, this reporting on a trivial matter tangentially related to your question, and which could in fact itself be wrong depending on who said what when."

Excellent investigative work, Mein Heir. Just excellent. You deserve a great big lemon square with your bologna and cheese sandwich mommy is making you for lunch. Mmm, mmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey shit-for-brains, Cullen never worked for KDKA, she worked at WTAE. And the Oxycontin addicted Viagra-popping Lush Rimjob is long gone from Pittsburgh airwaves.

Heir to the Throne said...

And it would be nice to see some date stamps of who said what when in those clips. Would I be surprised to find out that the Fox News clips ran AFTER Olbermann's segment?

Caught on Tape: Another Keith Olbermann Lie!

Look closely....references to "polls closing at 8PM" allows one to assume these comments were on 1/8/07....during the primary and the time is printed clearly in the upper left hand corner....2:05PM EST....

Get over it guys....Keith Olbermann LIED. I don't care if his "researchers" missed the FOX information.....journalists are obliged to insure their statements are based on facts and this one was pretty cut and dry.....FOX did report Begala denying the sourced report and even used the words, "ON THE RECORD!"

I see you are now moving the goalpost.
Report back with anything that is NOT true
this reporting on a trivial matter tangentially related to your question
How progressive of you.

MK said...

Keith can frequently be melodramatic, but boy is he ever cathartic to listen to.

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Good for you, Mein. Stick to your guns. Olbermann appears to have fucked up once. For that he should be waterboarded by Druggie himself.

Now, in his special comment last night, where did he lie? Where is he wrong?

If you really want to stack up Olbermann's record against any right-wing TV or radio guy/gal, that is a battle you know you would lose, in a landslide, and the INTENTIONAL lies and deceptions from the right would be about far more serious topics than campaign advisers.

Shit, just a week or two ago Hannity was still talking about Iraq shuffling off WMDs to Syria in the middle of the night.

Let's set the record straight, Mein Heir and John Koward: Republicans in Congress and their noise machine at Fox and on the radio waves have been wrong about everything they have put their corrupt little fingers on.

On Iraq - terribly, terribly wrong

On tax cuts for the rich and deregulation being good for the economy - ridiculously, and predictably, wrong

On the strength of the health care system - wrong and don't even seem to care that they are wrong

On global warming being overblown or, worse, a hoax - wrong, and sounding more and more each day like flatearthers

On Terry Schiavo - wrong in a way that even the vast majority of the public could easily understand

On the response to Katrina - wrong in a way that provided for the entire world a new meaning for "inept"

They have been wrong so many times that it's impossible to keep count. The entire foundation of "conservatism" has been shown for what it is, a miserable lie. And the entire country is now paying the price for it, and the next president is going to have to find a way to bail us all out because of it.

Heckuva job, indeed.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Mein Heir, what can we say? You are a liar.